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Common Questions
Common Questions

Answers about shipping time, hardware release updates, and more

36 articles
How can I get support for my Stryd?
How can I use Stryd?
Executing Workouts Troubleshooting
Stryd and Bike Computers
CORE Body Temperature Monitor compatibility with StrydCORE sensor. How do I use Stryd and CORE?
Can I use Stryd for trails and hills?
How can I permanently delete my Stryd app account?
Books about running with powerebook, e-book
Does Stryd capture calorie information?
Standard & non-standard behaviour of Stryd's data
Why does my GPS map in the Stryd platfom look bad?
When does Stryd get activated, and when does it stop recording
Can Stryd count my steps (pedometer) when I walk/hike?
Why are there no runs shown in the Stryd app after I update or log into the app?
How can I recover a lost run activity or offline sync using the Android app?
Why can I not connect Stryd to my phone?Stryd can not pair to my phone. Pairing issue.
Can I use two (or more) Stryds with one account?
I cannot login to the Stryd app using my Google or Facebook account!
I synced Stryd data with the app on my phone. Why is the date for my run wrong?
When I sync data using my phone it is different than data from my watch.
How can I exclude runs from my Stryd profile & auto-calculated Critical Power?
Can I use a Run/Walk method with Stryd?
What is Stryd Pioneer?
Can I give a Stryd Membership as a Gift?
Changing your Stryd Username
Does Stryd work with Amazfit watches?
Does Stryd work with Fitbit?
Pros and Cons of Watches Compatible with Stryd
Can I use Stryd without a compatible watch?
Does Stryd work with MapMyRun?
How to become a Stryd Coach and access Coach's View
Power Duration Curve: why your actual run data can exceed your modeled ability.
Blank Screen: WebGL disabled causes map to crash page
Power Difference between Power Duration Curve and the Activity in Calendar
Higher Power at Longer Duration in the Power Duration Curve
Can PowerCenter deal with runs longer than 8 hours?