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Changing your Stryd Username
Changing your Stryd Username
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If you need to change the username on your Stryd account, please note that you need to change it for your profile (using the Stryd app on your mobile device) and, if you are a Garmin user, in the settings for Stryd Zones and/or the Stryd Workout app.

Here are the steps on how to change the Stryd username in your profile. You will need to change the username through the Stryd Mobile App.

1. Update your username :

  1. Head to the Stryd App

  2. Choose the gear icon in the upper-righthand corner to access the settings

  3. Select Edit User Profile

  4. Edit the username

  5. Hit save

2. Update the username for the Stryd Zones data field:

  1. Open up Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone (note: you can use Garmin Express on your computer as well). Navigate to your watch.

  2. Select Activities, Apps & More > Data Fields > Stryd Zones | Data Field > Settings

  3. Select "Username" and delete the current username and type the new username and hit "ok"

  4. Go back and make sure Garmin Connect Mobile completes the sync process

3. Update your username in the Stryd Workout app:

  1. On your Garmin, hit the top right button as if you are starting a run. Scroll to the Stryd Workout App.

  2. There are three main options: Workout, Run, and Settings. Select "Settings".

  3. Select "username". Use the back/lap button to erase the current username.

  4. Use the Up/Menu and/or the Down button on your watch to select each character. Confirm the selection with the Stop/Start button (top right).

  5. Once your username is complete, use the Up/Menu or the Down button to navigate to "save" after which you hit the Stop/Start button (top right) to save the username.

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