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Books about running with power
Books about running with power

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For those who want to have a deep understanding of running with power, there are various books.

The Secret of Running by Hans van Dijk and Ron van Megen

This is an excellent choice if you are interested in the science behind running. The book is available in English, Dutch, German and Italian. The e-book version is currently available through If you are interested in hard copies, you can buy the book from Amazon:

Run with Power from Jim Vance

Jim Vance coaches elite athletes such as Ben Kenute. His book provides the perspective of a coach that uses power to optimize athlete performance. The e-book is for sale on

When you buy the English or German version of "The Secret of Running", you get a link to download a .ePub file. .ePub is a special format for e-books.

You can read your e-book on any device but you may need to get a special reader for your device. For example, there is an extension for the Chrome browser to read your book on your computer. You can use your search engine to find a free reader for any device.

.ePub files cannot be automatically read on a Kindle device but there are workarounds (Stryd does not guarantee this works).

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