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When does Stryd get activated, and when does it stop recording
When does Stryd get activated, and when does it stop recording
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When Stryd is not in use, it is in energy saving mode. Its sensors and ANT+ signal will be disabled to save energy, but Bluetooth will remain enabled so that you can still connect to it with your phone. When not in use, the battery will last for several weeks.

When Stryd is not wirelessly connected with another device, it will only activate when it senses a running cadence (greater than 130 steps/minute). Stryd will remain active and recording your activity until approximately four minutes after your cadence drops below 130spm.

When Stryd is wirelessly connected with a device (sports watch or phone), Stryd will record whenever the connected watch or phone commands Stryd to do so. This means if you are recording an activity through your watch or phone, Stryd will record data even at cadences below 130spm.

When syncing data from your Stryd pod directly to your phone after an activity, you will upload all data stored on Stryd to Stryd Powercenter. This means any data recorded before the start and after the finish of your runs will appear in PowerCenter. The development team is considering a feature to allow runners to crop their run and cut off this data. When using a compatible sports watch such as Garmin, PowerCenter will rely on the data stored on the watch and the data in PowerCenter will match with the time recorded by the watch.

The battery will last about 20 hours when Stryd is active.

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