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Standard & non-standard behaviour of Stryd's data
Standard & non-standard behaviour of Stryd's data
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Standard behaviour of Stryd's power

Why does power drop when I begin power hiking?

When you switch from an uphill running motion to a power hiking motion, you may see your power drop. This decrease in power is expected as power hiking can be more efficient than running as incline increase.

Can I use power to pace me when running with and pushing a stroller?

At this time, Stryd does not take the stroller into account. It is not easy to determine the extra effort required as there are many things to consider such as mechanical resistance and weight. Inside Science published this article that suggests pushing a stroller ads 5% of effort. Until Stryd develops technology to automatically adjust for pushing a stroller, you can increase the weight set on your Stryd with 5% to get a better power number on the watch.

When the weight is adjusted, power will be higher. This will also reflect in a higher Run Stress Score so that the metrics and trends are updated correctly.

Standard behaviour of Stryd's other metrics

Behaviour when Power Hiking

While Stryd is primarily designed for running, Stryd works well for power hiking. You will get accurate pace, distance, power, cadence, and other metrics. There are currently two metrics that are not support while power hiking: Vertical Oscillation and Leg Spring Stiffness (LSS).

Non-standard behaviour of Stryd's power

Exposure to water temporarily causes Air Power & running power to be too high

Stryd uses a combination of motion and environmental sensors to determine your power output.

If Stryd's environmental port was temporarily blocked by water or another substance during that part of your run, this can cause Stryd to believe you were outputting more power than you really were.

Typically, a blockage clears on its own as the runner continues to move and the power value returns to an appropriate level. Your Stryd pod is OK and data will often return to normal within that run and return to normal ahead of your next run.

If you notice that Stryd recorded a power that was too high because of excessive Air Power, and your Critical Power calculations have been affected, you can, Exclude the run in the Stryd app on your phone.

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