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Can I use Stryd without a compatible watch?
Can I use Stryd without a compatible watch?
Updated over a week ago

If you do not have one of the many watches compatible with Stryd, you can still run with power using Stryd.

  1. Some watches allow the use of a footpod to measure distance and pace (for example Garmin Forerunner 220). Check if your watch supports foot pods, or power meters using ANT+ technology. You will not be able to see your power level real time, but your power is recorded and you can analyze your performance after your run (you will need to use your phone to sync your data after your run).

  2. Even if you do not have a watch with ANT+ technology, you can still use Stryd. Stryd will record your run data, and you can sync your data to Stryd PowerCenter with your phone (Android/IOS). Alternatively, you can also use the Stryd app on your phone to record your run, this will allow you to capture your map and see your power while running on your phone.

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