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Common Questions

Answers about shipping time, hardware release updates, and more

75 articles

Using Stryd with Apple Watch

Instructions to set up and configure your Apple Watch with Stryd + troubleshooting.

36 articles

Compatible watches with Stryd

Learn which watches are compatible with Stryd and get running with power.

15 articles

Compatible Platforms with Stryd

Find which platforms work best with Stryd.

6 articles

Stryd App (for iPhone and Android)

Learn how to best navigate the Stryd app and make the most out of each run.

51 articles

Stryd app and PowerCenter Tutorials

These articles will help you better understand the metrics and tools provided by the Stryd system.

45 articles

Training with Stryd

Learn how to best train with power.

104 articles

Racing with Stryd

Learn how to best race with power.

24 articles

Using Stryd with Garmin Watches

To record power data on a Garmin watch, you must add Stryd software to your watch and correctly configure the watch.

8 articles

Garmin Troubleshooting and common questions

Answers to common questions and issues with Garmin watches.

43 articles

Using Stryd with Wahoo

Instructions to set up and configure your Wahoo watch with Stryd + troubleshooting.

3 articles

Stryd Membership

On April 6th, 2021, Stryd Membership services became available to users looking to take their power-based run training to new heights. Here you can find answers to questions about getting started, features, payment options, and more.

28 articles

Using Stryd with COROS

Instructions to set up and configure your COROS watch with Stryd + troubleshooting.

9 articles

Using Stryd with Polar

Instructions to set up and configure your Polar watch with Stryd + troubleshooting.

7 articles

Using Stryd with Suunto

Instructions to set up and configure your Suunto watch with Stryd + troubleshooting.

16 articles

Using Stryd on the Treadmill

Helpful tips on how to best run with power on the treadmill.

17 articles


Get set up for the ultimate training and racing experience

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Stryd Distributors and Resellers

1 article

Stryd Duo + Stryd Footpath

Get started with Stryd Duo + Stryd Footpath

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