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How can I use Stryd?
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Stryd is designed to be worn on the foot and geared towards running and walking and will also work for power hiking while trail running. Stryd tracks your foot through three dimensional space and records the accelerations, impacts, and forces that are being applied. From that information, we calculate power, distance, pace, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, etc. Stryd will not work for other sports or trainers like:

  • Cross trainers

  • Elliptical machines

  • Shaped treadmills like Truform

  • Stairmaster

  • Stationary or regular bikes

Or sports like:

  • Skating

  • Skiing

  • Biking

  • Soccer

  • Rollerblading

  • Swimming

Is Stryd Water proof?

Stryd is splash-proof and even IP68 compliant. However, you cannot use Stryd when running through puddles, streams and rivers. The reason is that water can be forced into the device since the pressure can be more than what Stryd is designed to handle. We recommend stepping around a stream if you are using Stryd.

Can barefoot runners use Stryd?

Barefoot runners can use Stryd. Here is a recommendation from Steve Palladino on the best way to use Stryd if you wish to run barefoot.


Does Stryd work with shoes with built-in gators?

There are some shoes on the market that have a protective cover on the shoe. Stryd will not work well with these shoes when hidden underneath the cover as we use a barometer to measure air pressure. Stryd will have unexpected airpower results. All Stryds will have difficulty determining your elevation change. A few examples:



Nike Shield series:

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