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Can I use a Run/Walk method with Stryd?
Can I use a Run/Walk method with Stryd?
Updated over a week ago

We don't have a special calculator for run/walk but you can combine ThatPageThere's Galloway calculator with the Stryd Race Power Calculator to find a Power to use. A Stryd user used this method for finding their Run/Walk Power --

1. You can use the Stryd Race Power Calculator to determine your estimated time for your particular race. In this scenario we are using 1:35:32 for a half-marathon.


2. Next, we need an average pace for our walk breaks in the race. You will need to do a trial run/walk workout at the same intervals you will be doing the race. The important part here is for your walking part of your intervals. You want it to be at 'race pace' and same time (ie 30 seconds). Manually tap the laps then you can review the walks in PowerCenter then take the average of those walks - I am averaging up so I am going to average them up to 14 mins


3. Now we want the pace per mile from the estimated time, you will want to go to ThatPageThere's Galloway calculator to see their 'pace calculator' and enter the distance of the race and the estimated time we received from the Stryd Race Power Calculator.


This gives us the 7:19 pace we need for our next step.

4. Then we can use their Walk/Run calculator to finish our fields.


Walk pace is 14 mins
Running for 6 minutes

Walking for 30 seconds

Our pace from above 7:19

Which gives us a calculation of 7:02

5. Now go back to the Stryd Power Calculator and change the "By Power" in the top left corner to "By Time" Change the distance to 1-mile then enter the adjusted time of pace per mile that step 4 gave us and tap 'Calculate.'


The Power given is 252W to offset the 30-second walking segments we will be doing in our race.

You can then go into the Stryd App and create a Workout for your Race. You can choose a 2-Step Block which you can set the Run portion to your Target Power and Run/Walk times. In this instance, we are doing a 6-min Run with a 252W Target Power with a 30-Second Walk at RPE, but you could also set a Walking Power if you would like.

We hope this information is helpful to future Stryd users who want to use the run/walk method.

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