Getting Started with Stryd (single pod)

How do I set up my Stryd? How do I turn my Stryd on? I just got my Stryd.

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Step 1: Unboxing and Charging Stryd with a Wired Charger

Congratulations on taking your first steps with running with power. Now that you have your Stryd let's double check to make sure you have everything you need.

Inside the box:

  • Stryd

  • Stryd Wired Charging Cradle (only use for charging; do not use for running)

  • USB-C Cord

  • Two Shoe Clips

Picture of a Next Gen Stryd pod, two clips for the Stryd pod, and a USB-C charger with a charging cradle.

To activate and charge Stryd

  1. Securely attach the USB-C cord to the charging cradle and plug it into a USB port.

  2. Place the Stryd in the cord end of the charging cradle, then press it forward to the thinner opposite end.

  3. You can confirm that the Stryd is charging because you will see an orange light appear around the center "teardrop" of the Stryd.

  4. If you have a Stryd with Wind your Stryd will softly glow on and off as it charges, if you do not have a wind-enabled Stryd your Stryd will just have one solid light.

A GIF of the Stryd pod attached to the charging cradle, showing it soft glow on and off to demonstrate it's charging

Once fully charged, the orange light will automatically turn off in the previous generation Stryd.

The new Stryd with Wind will stop pulsing on and off and just solidly glow when it is fully charged.

This will take approximately 3 hours, if you are eager to go for a run you can charge for a shorter time. 30 minutes will be sufficient for an easy run!

Non-wind Stryd's purchased before June 2019 will support wireless charging on any normal wireless charging pad. Devices sold after June 2019 will require wired charging cradles, which are included in all Stryd orders.

Step 2: Pair Stryd to the Stryd Mobile app

Now that your Stryd is fully charged, let's get it paired with your mobile device.

You will first need to download the Stryd mobile app from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the App store app on your phone

  2. Search for 'Stryd' in the search bar (the icon is a black background with an orange "S")


Create your account

Once you have the app on your phone and open it for the first time, you will be asked to go through an account creation process ending with pairing Stryd to the phone.

Pair your Stryd in the Stryd mobile app

  1. Open the Stryd mobile app on your phone

  2. Tap the 'Settings' cog in the top-right corner of the Stryd mobile app

  3. Ensure you have the pod near you and then select 'Pair Stryd'

  4. You will be prompted to bring one pod near your phone.

    1. Tap the 'Continue' button and then select 'Pair'

  5. Your Stryd pod will blink to show that it has been found.

Stryd Pod Firmware Update

The Stryd team will occasionally push an update to your Stryd pod’s firmware to improve functionality and overall performance. The update will not install automatically and the Stryd pod owner will be responsible for installing the firmware update to the hardware.

Typically, if there is a firmware update available, you will receive a notification when you open the Stryd mobile app. This notification will be pushed if there is an update and if your Stryd pod is paired to the mobile app.

If you would like to check for a firmware update, please follow these instructions:

These instructions are for the single Stryd pod use case (Stryd Wind and Stryd Next Gen). See the Stryd Duo instructions below.

  1. Open the Stryd mobile app

  2. Select Settings in the Stryd app

  3. Select the “Stryd” button under the Paired Devices section

  4. You will need to make sure your Stryd is nearby and let the app connect to the Stryd After the Stryd has connected, you will see the option for a “Firmware Update”

  5. Select “Firmware Update” and then select Continue

  6. Keep the app open and do not open any other apps while the firmware is updating

Please note that the firmware can not update if the Stryd app is not open or if you try using the Stryd app in the background. You will need to keep the Stryd app open for the firmware to install successfully.

Step 3: Connect Stryd to your Watch

Garmin Watches:

Wahoo Watches:

COROS Watches:

Apple Watch:

Suunto Watch:

Polar Watch:

Step 4: Running with the Stryd pod

Before you go for your first run, make sure your Stryd is clipped to your shoelaces correctly.

Clip Stryd® Pod on the Shoe Using 4 Laces

  1. Place the clip under the laces of your desired shoe. For placement, we are looking for consistent, secure placement across all shoes.

  2. The thick end should be facing toward the shin

  3. Place the wider end of the Stryd in the thick end of the clip, with the flat part facing down.

  4. Then press down on the front until you hear a click

  5. Press the front of the clip hard! It is best to bend the clip rather than break Stryd.

Clip Stryd® Pod on the Shoe Using 5 Laces

Sometimes when attaching the Stryd pod to your shoe you will want to use 5 laces to secure the pod.

  1. Place the clip under 5 laces of your desired shoe.

  2. Thick end should be facing towards the shin

  3. Place the wider end of the Stryd in the thick end of the clip, with the flat part facing down.

  4. Confirm the lace is not covering the wind port then press down on the front until you hear a click

  5. Press the front of the clip hard! It is best to bend the clip rather than break Stryd.

If you would like to change shoes or remove Stryd from your running shoes, please follow these steps!

  1. Press down on the front tab of the clip to relieve tension

  2. Stryd should be able to be removed easily

  3. Press the front of the clip hard! It is best to bend the clip rather than break Stryd.

    Attach the Stryd pod to lateral laced shoes like the Nike Next%

    For best accuracy for pace, distance, and power it is best to keep Stryd centered on the shoe. With shoes like the Nike Next%, it is possible that Stryd is not properly centered. Below are the pictures and video to keep the Stryd pod centered.

    To give you an idea of angled vs straight:


    Nike Next% V2 (which has laces even more sideways)


    Original Next%

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