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Offline Sync: Uploading Pod Memory to the Stryd Mobile App
Offline Sync: Uploading Pod Memory to the Stryd Mobile App

Sync Stryd. How do I Offline Sync? Upload Stryd memory.

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The Stryd pod (hardware) is a fully functioning device that saves the run data to its memory. This data is then available after the run to be uploaded from the pod to the Stryd Mobile App by performing an offline sync.

The Offline Sync is necessary for any Suunto or Polar watch user. The Offline Sync will complete the data file from these two watches.

The Offline Sync is optional for all other users. The Offline Sync can be viewed as redundancy that can protect you from data loss

How do I Offline Sync?

  1. After your run, open the Stryd Mobile App (iOS or Android)

  2. Select "Settings"

  3. Select "Stryd" - the button under "Paired Devices"

  4. Bring your Stryd close to your phone and let it connect automatically

  5. Once the Stryd connects to the app, select "Sync Stryd"

  6. Wait for the Offline Sync to complete before you exit the Stryd app or try to use another app. Moving to another screen or closing the Stryd app will interfere with the Offline Sync.

*If you're a Polar/Suunto user who needs to offline sync frequently then you might consider adding the Sync Stryd button to your calendar screen for quicker access.

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