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Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL and Stryd setup
Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL and Stryd setup

How to pair the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL with Stryd?

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The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL is Stryd compatible and can show you Stryd data on your watch in real time for workout guidance and execution. Here is how to configure Stryd devices with Wahoo's watch:

Wahoo offers options to configure either on the watch itself, or in the Wahoo ELEMNT Mobile App. Both processes can be found below:

Step 1: Configure from the ELEMNT Mobile App:

1) Open the Wahoo ELEMNT Mobile App and log into your account if you are not already logged in. Navigate to Settings.

2) Establish a Bluetooth connection to the watch from the Settings Screen, then locate the Sensors section by scrolling down.


3) Select Set up sensors.

4) Shake the Stryd foot pod and watch the phone screen for "Foot Pod" sensors in the Unsaved Sensors section. Select the device from the list and follow the prompt on screen to save the sensor.


(Optional) Configure from the Watch Display:

1) Press and hold the menu button (by default this is the lower left button on the side of the display).


2) In the menu, locate Sensors and select it.


3) Select Pair New and shake the Stryd foot pod.


4) Select the pairing that appears on the watch screen to Save it.

Note: you may receive a prompt to add power fields when pairing the footpod. Either selection is okay as this is addressed in the next steps of this article.


You've now successfully connected the footpod to the watch and the two will connect when you run. When Stryd is connected to the watch, pace and distance measures for the run will be from Stryd, not GPS. There is currently no option to disable this aspect of the connection. These next steps will help you to configure a power data field to the data screens on the watch:


5) Navigate back to Settings in the ELEMNT app. Locate Workout Profiles.


6) Select Running, or any other activity modes you would like to display Stryd power during.


7) Select Workout Pages. The list on your screen shows the different data screens you currently have enabled for the activity mode.

8) Select the data screen from the list you would like to see Power data on.


9) Add a Power field of your choice to the list of data fields for the data screen. Note that while the app shows 6 data fields, not all 6 will display on your watch face. Make sure the power field is high enough in the list to show on your watch screen.

You're all set! Stryd will connect automatically to the watch when you go our for a run as long as the pod is in range.

Step 2: Connect Wahoo ELEMNT Mobile App with the Stryd app

When you connect the Wahoo ELEMNT Mobile app to the Stryd app, your run data will automatically load to the Stryd app.

Stryd and Wahoo offer automatic data upload from your ELEMNT RIVAL to Stryd's apps and software whenever the watch is synced with the ELEMNT Mobile app. Here is how to create the account connection:

1) Log into Stryd (either on mobile through Stryd Mobile app, or on web at

2) Navigate to Settings. For the mobile app, from the Settings screen, select Connected Accounts.

3) Select or toggle on the Wahoo option on the screen and follow the steps to log into your Wahoo Account. It is recommended to leave all permissions enabled so Stryd can send the latest information to your watch.


Note that the Mobile app connectivity can be unreliable. If this method fails, try the web version.




How to Send Wahoo FIT file

You can share the Wahoo FIT file with the Wahoo app.

In the Wahoo app, select history and then your run. In the top right, you will see three dots. Select the dots, then upload the workout to any app (for example, you can select Gmail).

If your Wahoo file did not transfer, email the file to yourself and then you can upload it into PowerCenter yourself.

You can share the Wahoo FIT file with the Wahoo app.


Stryd does not support Wahoo SYSTM

STM does not currently support analysis of Stryd metrics. This integration is being explored, and anyone interested in seeing this integration occur is encouraged to submit feedback to the Wahoo team.

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