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Stryd Hardware Common Questions
Stryd Hardware Common Questions
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Is my Stryd dead?

Unexpected behavior may happen with your Stryd. If you are unsure, try the following:

  1. Check your charger. Place your Stryd in the wired charging cradle. If the light does not come on, try an alternative outlet or USB port. If the LED light is pulsing orange, then your Stryd is charging. Keep Stryd on the charger until you see the LED light turn solid.

  2. If you cannot pair Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone, try to restart the phone by powering it off and then powering it back on. Check to see if you can connect to Stryd now using the Stryd app. If not, continue to the next step.

  3. Install an app to verify whether Bluetooth is working on your Stryd. Restart the phone and install a Bluetooth app to verify that your Stryd is functional. These apps are intended for developers but are a good way to determine whether the phone or Stryd is causing problems. For iOS, there is LightBlue Explorer and for Android, there is nRF Connect. Both apps allow you to scan for Bluetooth devices. If your Stryd is operational, it will show up in the list. Try with Stryd on and off the charger.

  4. If Stryd shows up in step 4, something is preventing a consistent connection between your Stryd and phone. You may want to contact support to determine the cause of the connection issue.

Can I Reset My Stryd?

You can reset your Stryd but the data stored on Stryd is never removed (unless you update the firmware or if you upload the data from Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone). Stryd does not recommend a soft or hard reset of your Stryd device without special instruction. There are two types of reset:

Soft Reset: This reboots the device, preserving the system clock through the restart on firmware 2.1.16 or higher. It does not affect any data stored on the Stryd. There are no known issues that this resolves. It could resolve hypothetical issues where the firmware is in a state that prevents it from behaving normally, but it can still receive communications.

Hard Reset: This prepares the device for a factory-ship mode. It does not affect any data stored on the Stryd but reboots into an extremely low-power mode that is safe for long-term storage. It is recommended that the battery be about 75% charged when a hard reset is done. Using a hard reset requires the device to be placed on the charger to restore operation. The system clock will be invalid after recovery, and you must use the Stryd app on your phone to connect to Stryd to correct the clock should this occur. Hypothetical issues that may be resolved by a hard reset are unexpected states due to software glitches. A hard reset is similar to powering down your phone.

Stryd does not recommend a hard reset of your Stryd device without special instruction. A hard reset of Stryd is not known to correct any suspected device issues. While stored data will be preserved through a hard reset (i.e. run data stored on the device), other functions will be compromised. Stryd can only be activated again after a hard reset by being placed on the charger. Stryd must be paired to a phone again after a hard reset and before running with it to restore any other device settings.

Here are the steps to perform a soft or hard reset of your Stryd.

  1. Open the Stryd app on your account and select Settings

  2. Select Stryd (pair Stryd if you have not already done so)

  3. From the settings menu, select 'Hard Reset' or 'Soft Reset'

Place Stryd on the charger to activate it after the hard reset. To reset the clock, pair Stryd with your Stryd Mobile App on your mobile device (or record a brief run).

My phone does not connect to Stryd. Can I still do a hard reset?

You need your phone to enter the hard reset command for your Stryd. If your phone cannot connect, you cannot enter the command.

The workaround is to fully drain the battery of your Stryd. If your watch can still connect to Stryd, fully charge the watch and start recording a run. This will put Stryd into run mode (if you have a Garmin watch) and the battery will drain in a maximum of 24 hours. Once the battery is fully drained, Stryd will do a hard reset when placed on the charger.

Fully charge your Stryd and your device is reset.

How can I prepare a Stryd pod before storing it for weeks or months?

Lithium-ion chemistry prefers partial discharge to deep discharge, so it's best to avoid taking the battery all the way down to zero. Since lithium-ion chemistry does not have a "memory", you do not harm the battery within Stryd with a partial discharge.

Long-Term Storage of Stryd. Fully charge your Stryd and then do a hard reset* with the Stryd app on your phone. This will put Stryd in a mode where it cannot be accidentally activated and the power is switched off completely. Put Stryd in a drawer or on your shoe. Once you are ready to run, place Stryd on the charger to reactivate it.

Lithium-ion batteries age. They only last a limited number of years, even if they are sitting on a shelf unused. Do not "avoid using" the battery with the thought that the battery pack will last many more years. It won't. You can avoid problems if you place your Stryd on the charger once it starts flashing.

*Model 1 & 2 foot pods cannot Hard Reset via the Stryd app.

How to check the battery level of my Stryd?

You can use the Stryd app on your phone to check the battery level of Stryd or Stryd Duo.

  1. Open the Stryd Mobile app

  2. Select Settings

  3. Under Paired Devices you will see the battery level

Is Stryd in a sleep mode? Bluetooth is still on!

The Bluetooth functionality of Stryd is always on, meaning that you can pair it with your phone, Suunto, or Polar watch at any time even when Stryd is not in use.

However, if Stryd is not detecting motion, it will go into an energy-saving mode to save battery power. The accelerometer sensors and other functionality are switched off. Only after moving for 30 seconds or so, Stryd will reactivate and start transmitting power and other data.

Switching Over From a Previous Stryd Footpod to the Next Generation Stryd Hardware

It is an easy process for users switching from the original Stryd footpod or Stryd Wind to the Next Generation Stryd footpod.

To make sure your Stryd account is associated with the new hardware, open the Stryd Mobile App, navigate to Settings, Select "Stryd" and then press "Unpair Stryd". This will disconnect the old Stryd device from the account, and you can now go through the normal steps to pair the new Stryd footpod. Note: you may want to move the old hardware away from your mobile device while pairing the new footpod to avoid re-pairing to the old hardware unintentionally.

Your new Stryd hardware will clip on the same way as older models at the shoe. Unclip the old unit, and clip the new device as shown here: Clip Stryd® Pod on the Shoe

Why can I not connect with my Stryd with wind detection?

Stryd is often contacted by customers who cannot connect to their Stryd with their phone or other devices. The most common reason this happens is that another device or app is already actively connected to your Stryd.

Stryd only supports one active Bluetooth connection at a time. That means that only one app or one device can communicate with Stryd at once (Stryd can have pairings with many devices but only one device can be actively connected). These connections can be established without you knowing it. We have seen that watches actively connect with Stryd even when the watch is not used.

This active Bluetooth connection has two effects:

  1. The battery will drain in about 24 hours when Stryd is not on the charger.

  2. No other device or app can find or connect with Stryd.

You can easily figure out if that is happening in your case:

  1. Switch off all Bluetooth devices within 100 meters of your Stryd. Stryd will flash when the active Bluetooth connection is broken, indicating that it is now available again for another device.

  2. If you cannot find the device that is actively connected, switch off your phone and take your switched-off phone and Stryd for a walk, leaving all your other devices behind. Walk at least 100 meters from your home while looking at your Stryd. Stryd will flash when the active connection is lost. After you have walked 100 meters, switch on your phone while looking at your Stryd (in the unlikely event that Stryd flashes, an app connected to your Stryd). Open up the Stryd app and you will be able to connect to your Stryd.

  3. If steps one and two work, you still need to find out which device is connecting to Stryd without you knowing it. A likely source is your Garmin watch (make sure to only pair Stryd through ANT) as well as your Polar watch. If you need help finding the culprit, contact support for assistance

Why is my Stryd pod battery draining faster than normal?

There are two common causes for accelerated power drain.

  1. The Stryd pod is held in run mode by an app or watch, preventing it from sleeping.

  2. The Stryd pod has physical damage, typically caused by water intrusion or from being crushed.

To rule out the run mode, note that the Stryd pod will make a short blink pattern when a watch or app connects or disconnects from it. You may notice this blink happening at unexpected times. Take the pod and separate it from the phone or watch by taking it to another room. If it blinks, you have an unexpected connection.

  • If the problem is on your phone, you may try force-closing the Stryd App.

  • If the problem is on your watch, you should make sure the watch does not have multiple connections to the same Stryd pod active at once.

  • If the watch supports ANT+, this connection should be used. If not, it is preferable to connect over BLE as a foot pod.

Once you've tried correcting this issue, you can recharge the pod to full (when the LED stops pulsing and is held on), and try using it until the device is low on battery (when the pod starts to blink, rather than based on the battery health displayed in the phone app). Take notes of when you stopped charging and when it reached empty should you need to ask for support.

Does Stryd Offer An Exchange Program

Previous iterations of the Stryd foot pod cannot be traded in for the current version of the Stryd hardware. Some previous owners and users may be eligible to purchase the upgraded Stryd at a discount with proof of purchase. To see if you qualify, submit a support request below.

What Clips and Chargers Work with What Stryd Footpod Iterations?

This article describes the compatibility of clips and chargers through three generations of Stryd footpods

The Stryd footpod has evolved. The original footpod was in distribution from January 2018 to June 2019, Stryd with Wind Detection was in distribution from June 2019 to September 2022, and the Next Generation Stryd footpod will enter distribution in late 2022. Each footpod has been sold with shoe clips and a charging device.

Stryd Jan 2018-June 2019: Device typically sold with a wireless charging pad and two shoe clips. These chargers and shoe clips are not compatible with later models. The footpod clipping mechanism and charging system were changed in the next version.

Stryd Wind June 2019-Sept 2022: Footpods sold with a wired charging cradle and two shoe clips defined by a wind port and wider rear clipping point. The wired charging cradle is compatible with all Next Generation Stryd footpods, and some later editions of the original Stryd footpod that included copper electrodes on the bottom of the footpod case. The clip design will fit with the Next Generation Stryd but is not directly supported by the Next Generation Stryd.

Next Generation Stryd Sept 2022-Present: Footpods sold with wired charging cradle and two shoe clips defined by a silicone rubber surface where the footpod and shoe attach, as well as all the defining features of the Stryd Wind shoe clip. The charging cradle sold with these devices is compatible with Stryd Wind as well. The shoe clips sold with the footpod iteration are fully compatible with the Stryd Wind footpod as well.

What is New in the Next Generation Stryd Footpod Design?

The most advanced model of Stryd yet is now available for preorder at The newest iteration offers advancements in power responsiveness, as well as many new power-based training features for runners like you. Along with these new features, Stryd has made some improvements to the footpod hardware design as well. These include:

  • an all-new clip design that includes dual silicone facing for superior on-shoe stability

  • rugged, age-resistant footpod clipping points fully reinforced with an anodized aluminum insert

  • high-grip texturization of the lower face of the footpod synchronizes with the new clip design in offering optimized on-shoe stability and security

To learn more about the new Stryd footpod design, visit us at

How to secure Stryd to your shoe if the casing of the Stryd pod is damaged

Option #1: Use a velcro strap to secure the Stryd pod to the clip

If the casing of the Stryd pod is sufficiently damaged that the Stryd pod will not securely snap into the clip attachment, we recommend to use a velcro strap to secure Stryd to the clip attachment.

For example, see the below image of an example of securing the Stryd pod to the clip attachment with the help of a velcro strap.

No photo description available.

To achieve a similar setup to the example shown above, you should take the following steps:

  1. Place the clip attachment under at least two rows of shoe laces, as you typically would when attaching the Stryd pod to the shoe

  2. Set Stryd in the clip attachment, as you typically would when attaching the Stryd pod to the shoe

  3. Take your velcro strap and wrap it around the Stryd pod and the clip attachment

The velcro will secure the Stryd pod against the clip attachment so that the Stryd pod stays fastened to your shoe laces. You can use a velcro strap, such as a velcro cable tie.

See this product offered on Amazon for an example of a velcro strap that you could use: Velcro Cable Tie

Option #2: Use a fabric pouch to secure the Stryd pod to the shoe laces

This option only applies to non-air resistance capable models of the Stryd pod that were offered before mid-2019. If your Stryd pod was purchased after mid-2019 or you have an air-resistance capable model of Stryd, please see Option #1 above.

If the casing of the Stryd pod is sufficiently damaged where the Stryd pod will not securely snap into the clip attachment, you can use a fabric pouch to secure the Stryd pod directly to the shoe laces.

For example, see the below image of an example of securing the Stryd pod to the shoe with the help of a fabric pouch. Sensor Pouch for Nike+iPod Sport Kit Sensor : Electronics

See this product offered on Amazon for an example of a fabric pouch you could use: Foot Pod Pouch

Can I walk with Stryd using a 3rd party app like iSmoothRun?

Stryd can be used for running with any 3rd party app like iSmoothRun on the Apple watch, or PowerDashBoard on the Garmin watches. In those situations, the 3rd party app can grab pace, distance, and power from Stryd.

If you are hiking or walking with a 3rd party app, Stryd will no longer work reliably. Stryd will switch itself off to save power when your cadence drops below 130 SPM for a few minutes. This will mean that your 3rd party app can no longer get pace, distance, power, etc. from Stryd.

You can still walk with Stryd, but you need to use a Stryd app to connect to Stryd. We use special commands to keep Stryd awake even while walking or when you stop.

My power suddenly changed a lot. What happened?

If your power value changes unexpectedly while running at the same pace across runs, or power is at an unexpected value when you view your data in your Stryd account, it is likely the weight setting on your Stryd pod changed.

One example of how this can happen is when Stryd is never paired using the Stryd app on the phone. In that case, Stryd will keep its default weight setting of 70 kg. If you later on pair with Stryd, for example, to update the firmware, the weight will reset to match the weight in your profile which may be different than the default.

To address this problem, you need to update the weight setting on your Stryd pod with the Stryd mobile app.

Note that it is currently not possible to recalculate power of runs with incorrect data.

Why does Stryd show 0% charged?

If you place the Stryd pod on the charger and retrieve the battery level with the Stryd app on your phone, the level will be indicated as 0%. This is normal. If you remove the Stryd pod from the charger, you will be able to get the current battery level.

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