Stryd Zones data field for Garmin Watches

Set up my Garmin watch with Stryd.

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Adding the Stryd Zones Data Fields to your Garmin's native running modes is a great way to set up your Stryd with Garmin.

Before you set up your Garmin watch with Stryd, make sure you pair your Stryd pod to the Stryd mobile app.

You will also want to make sure that you have the correct weight and height settings on the Stryd pod.

Step 1: Install the Stryd Zones Data Fields to your Garmin Connect IQ Account

Installing the Stryd Zones Data Field:

  1. Open up the Garmin Connect app on your phone

  2. From the home screen of the app, tap the menu button (3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner)

  3. Scroll to 'Connect IQ Store' and select the search icon.

  4. Search 'Stryd' in the search bar at the top of the page

  5. Select 'Stryd Zones'

  6. Select 'Install'

  7. The data field is now on your watch. You will have to configure the data screens on your watch to enable it.

(Optional) Installing Stryd Zones Data Fields on Garmin Express:

If you are not able to install Stryd Zones to your watch using Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone or tablet, connect your Garmin watch to your computer with the USB cable.

  1. Open Garmin Express (or install it if needed) on your computer.

  2. Check if Garmin has any updates available for your watch, and install those updates.

  3. If there are no updates available (anymore) for your watch, use Garmin Express to install and configure Stryd Zones.

  4. Select the IQ Apps box in Garmin Express

  5. Select 'Get More Apps' on the bottom right. This will open a browser window and link you to the Garmin Connect IQ store.

  6. Type Stryd in the search bar and search.

  7. Select 'Stryd Zones' and hit 'Download'

  8. You should get directed back to Garmin Express and the watch should sync. This will load Stryd Zones onto the watch.

Adding Stryd Details to Garmin Connect Stryd Zones Settings:

You may want to add some details to the settings in your Garmin Connect account. This will prevent other Stryders pods from pairing with your watch by accident and auto-update your Critical Power. Please note that some older watches can not access these settings.

  1. Open your Garmin Connect IQ app on your phone

  2. Click on your watch

  3. Click on Activities Apps & More

  4. Click on Data Fields

  5. Make sure Stryd Zones is installed and click on it

  6. Click on Settings

  7. Make sure your ANT ID corresponds to your Stryd pods ANT ID

  8. Make sure your username is your Stryd app username

  9. Turn on the Visual Zone Bar and Numerical Zones

Step 2: Display and Record Stryd Zones on your watch

Please note that if you use more than one run mode on your watch (i.e. Run Mode, Trail Mode, Treadmill Mode) you will need to add the Stryd Zones Data Fields to every mode individually.

Adding Stryd Zones Data Fields to Run Mode:

  1. To get started, press and hold the center-left button until this menu appears.

  2. Scroll down past ‘Settings' and select ‘Activities and Apps’.

  3. Select ‘Run’.

  4. Select ‘Run Settings’.

  5. Select ‘Data Screens’.

  6. Press the top right button and select 'Layout'.

  7. Scroll to choose the layout design to add 'Stryd Zones'.
    Often it is good for users to take inventory of the screens that they have. Less is usually more!

  8. Many users like to add Stryd Zones to a screen of its own. This way you can more easily see power.

  9. Once a layout is chosen, press the top right button and select 'Data Fields'.

  10. Press the top right button and select 'ConnectIQ Fields'.

  11. Select ‘Stryd Zones’ from your IQ apps.

  12. Press and hold the center-left button to return to your watch’s default screen.

Need visual instructions for your specific watch? Tap on your watch model below:

Step 3: Add Stryd as a Footpod and Configure for Pace and Distance

Please note that adding Stryd as a sensor is not enough! Make sure you follow Steps 1 and Step 2 before proceeding.

Pairing Stryd as a foot pod

Many Garmin watches can pair with Stryd through Bluetooth and ANT. Only use ANT as a Bluetooth pairing can cause a variety of issues.

  1. Head to your Garmin watch settings

  2. Scroll to the 'Sensors and Accessories' menu

  3. You may see Stryd paired with the watch. If you see FP-STRYD, PWR-STRYD, or PWR-NUMBER, remove these pairings. ONLY pair the Stryd pod as FP-NUMBER. This number is the ANT+ ID of your Stryd. (En Español: Podómetro-Número)

  4. If you don't see FP-NUMBER in the list, move your Stryd and use the watch menus to add a new sensor (search for foot pod only). The watch should find your Stryd.

Disable Bluetooth connections (Optional)

If your Garmin watch supports Bluetooth sensor pairings, you can additionally pair Stryd as a Bluetooth sensor and then disable this pairing. The advantage of doing this is that the watch will not ask you to pair it in the future. The Bluetooth connection can lead to an incorrect configuration of the watch.

  1. FP - STRYD: Pair but disable. You should pair and disable it so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

  2. PWR - STRYD: Pair but disable. You should pair and disable it so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

Configuring Stryd for pace and/or distance

We additionally recommend that you use Stryd for pace and distance and that you disable autocalibration:

  1. Choose FP-NUMBER from the list

  2. Scroll down and select 'Speed'

  3. Scroll down to set to 'Always'

  4. Scroll down and select 'Distance'

  5. Scroll down to select 'Always'

  6. Scroll down and select 'Cal. Factor'

  7. Scroll down and select 'Disable'

  8. Scroll down to 'Set Value' and confirm that it is 100.0

Step 4: Link your Garmin Connect account to the Stryd PowerCenter

The easiest way to get your data into Stryd PowerCenter for analysis is to use your Garmin Connect account. After you do this, whenever you sync your watch (which often happens automatically), your data will instantly be synced with Stryd PowerCenter!

  1. Make sure your watch is showing the power data field while running, and that you are able to see your power while running.

  2. Go to settings in your Stryd PowerCenter account.

  3. Select import from Garmin Connect (Green button means it is connected. Gray button means it is not yet connected).

  4. After you connect Garmin Connect with PowerCenter, you can simply sync your watch with Garmin Connect after your run. All your data will automatically show up in PowerCenter.

  5. If you have problems, check our troubleshooting steps for Garmin Connect.

Step 5: Disable Garmin's Native Power Value Recording (Stryd Zones data field)

This step is only necessary for Garmin watches that calculate wrist-based power. If you do not disable Garmin's Native Power, Stryd Zones Data Fields will not be able to write complete data to the FIT file. Just follow these instructions.

If you would rather use the Stryd Workout app, please visit this page:

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