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Troubleshooting the Getting Started Flow
Troubleshooting the Getting Started Flow
Updated over a week ago

Details about the Getting Started flow can be found in the support article.

Users who created a new Stryd account after September 08, 2023, will have the option to follow the Getting Started flow and receive a Critical Power estimation faster than ever before.

Below is a running list of common questions and answers to the Getting Started flow.

Can existing users follow this flow?

If you created your Stryd account after September 08, 2023, or you currently have a Critical Power from regular runs, you can not follow this flow directly. However, you can Reset your Critical Power and be directed through a similar process.

How can I cancel this flow?

If you added one of the Getting Started flows to your Stryd account and need to cancel at any time, you can do so by following these instructions.

Deleting Testing Week:

  1. Open the Stryd app

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Training Plans

  4. Delete the training plan

Deleting Three Easy Runs:

  1. Open the Stryd app

  2. Open the Stryd Calendar

  3. Select one of the Easy Runs

  4. Delete the Easy Run

  5. Select "Cancel Critical Power Estimation"

Will my existing Training Plan affect this flow?

If you have a Stryd Training Plan on your calendar, it can not overlap with the Getting Started flow. It is not possible to have two Stryd Training Plans overlap. The best way to work around this situation is to Pause your Stryd Training Plan, complete the Getting Started flow, and then resume your Stryd Training Plan.

If you are completing a Training Plan outside of the Stryd system, you may want to consult your coach for their input. Or you can follow the Three Easy Run Estimation flow to receive an Estimated Critical Power.

You can schedule the Stryd Easy Runs to your calendar to correspond to any easy runs your other Training Plan has scheduled. This method will only work for Training Plans outside the Stryd system.

Will watch compatibility affect the flow?

If you do not complete the Getting Started flow workouts using the Stryd Workout app for Apple Watch or Garmin, you can still pair the run to the workout. Please follow these instructions to Pair the Completed Run to the Workout Card.

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