Estimated Critical Power

What is an Estimated CP?

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The Estimated Critical Power feature in the Stryd app can help all runners from a variety of backgrounds get a Critical Power (CP) fast so they can start training with Stryd! This can be incredibly helpful if a user does not have two weeks to complete a full testing protocol.

The Estimated Critical Power offers a CP estimate in as little as three days! Please note that a full two-week testing protocol will give a user the most accurate CP, however, an Estimated Critical Power can be a great place to start!

Definition - Estimated Critical Power

Estimated Critical power temporarily takes the place of Critical Power. The Estimated Critical Power gives you a way to train with Stryd immediately without excess strain on your body.

The Estimated Critical Power will be calculated with three easy runs. The Stryd developers have come up with a calculation that can precisely estimate maximum efforts without the user actually performing a maximum effort.

Estimated Critical Power will become a Critical Power

If a user completes a Stryd Training Plan or completes a Testing Workout set, their Critical Power will no longer be an estimate! The Stryd system will notify the user as soon as an accurate CP is calculated.

Completing a Stryd Training plan is the first way a user can update their Estimated Critical power and have it become a Critical Power. Every Stryd training plan has Testing Workouts embedded which updates a user's Critical Power.

Completing one of the Testing Workout Sets is the second way a user can update their Estimated Critical Power and have it become a Critical Power. Users can find these Testing Workout Sets in Stryd’s workout library. Keep in mind, these are sets of rigorous workouts. Make sure to put a few days of rest in between each of the workouts to achieve the best results.

Please note that the Testing Workout Sets labeled "Power" are great for users who currently have a CP or an estimated CP, and the ones labeled "RPE" should only be reserved for people who feel their Current CP is significantly off or don't have a CP at all.

Features that the Estimated Critical Power will affect

Critical Power (CP) - Your CP will not be adaptive - your Estimated CP will act like a manual CP and will remain static until overridden. For more information about Critical Power, please follow this support article on Critical Power .

Power Duration Curve (PDC) - Your PDC will appear as a flat line - Your PDC curve is not being used to derive a CP - so the curve will not function quite like an accurate CP and PDC curve will. Follow this article to learn more about the Power Duration Curve.

Event Planner within Race Power Calculator - Race calculations are derived from the PDC curve. Your PDC is not accurate and therefore the Event Planner within the Race Power Calculator will not be accurate. For more information please follow this support article to the Event Planner and Race Power Calculator.

Race Calculations Table in Summary View - Race calculations rely on max efforts reflected in the PDC. Your PDC is not accurate and therefore Race Calculations in the Summary View will not be accurate. To learn more please follow this link to the support article on Race Calculations Table in the Stryd Mobile app.

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