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Stryd Training Plan FAQ

Common questions

Updated over a week ago

The Stryd Training Plans by Steve Palladino are great Power-based running plans that can be adapted to fit any runner's needs!

This article will cover common questions users may have about these running plans.

Can recreational runners and new runners train with Stryd and the Training Plans?

Stryd enables you to understand the real-time running effort regardless of terrain. Pace cannot tell you about effort, and Heart Rate gives unstable data and is affected by many factors.

Stryd improves your race preparation and execution by enabling even pacing. Traditionally, runners guess their sustainable pace, use pace bands for each mile and estimate adjustments for hills. In contrast, using Stryd involves testing your performance over a short distance or analyzing previous race results to establish a baseline. This baseline allows Stryd to predict the power output you can maintain throughout an event, helping you to finish strong and maximize your performance. Instead of juggling multiple variables, with Stryd, you focus on just one important metric: power.

With Stryd you can quantify running stress for the first time. Stryd collects all of your running power data and gives you feedback about how hard the last few weeks of training have been on your body. This Running Stress Balance number takes the guesswork out of training.

If you have a coach, Stryd makes communication with your coach crystal clear. Your coach will be able to monitor your effort, not only from the perspective of power-zone distribution but also from the perspective of your mechanical output. Between your Heart Rate data and your Stryd Power data, your coach will know exactly how your run went.

Will my Critical Power increase by consistently following my Stryd Training Plan?

Your Stryd Training Plan is an adaptable plan that automatically adjusts your power targets for all your future workouts based on your CP changes.

If you are using the Auto-Calculated Critical Power system to determine your Power Zones, then your CP may increase in the course of your normal training. Stryd Training Plans will include specific time trial workouts to occasionally verify your CP. If you exceed the power target in these time trial workouts, it can result in a CP increase.

What resources are available for coaches who want to use the Stryd Training Plans?

Eligible coaches and exercise physiologists who are driving the next revolution of running using power, can join the Stryd Power Coaching Group. These coaches use power to assess running performance, endurance, and techniques; optimize training load and intensity; and assist technique adaptation and efficiency improvement. Coaches conduct sports science research in labs and disseminate the knowledge to the community through hands-on coaching in the field.

If you are an interested coach and would like to partner with us through our Stryd Power Coaching Group you can find more information and sign up here:

Are there Stryd Training Plans available for short-distance sprinters?

Right now, there are no Stryd Training Plans available for short-distance sprinters. Stryd is optimized for distance running although some sprinters do use it. At this time, our product will not serve sprinters well. We are considering augmenting our product to serve sprinters.

Do you have full and half Ironman training plans?

Stryd is used by many triathletes. We have some training plans for athletes interested in either a half or full Ironman. Currently, these plans are not built by Steve Palladino.

How can I convert my pace-based plan to a power plan?

Stryd offers power-based training plans in the Stryd app. However, there are new Stryders that are already following a pace-based training plan. If you are following a pace-based plan that you like, you can convert your pace-based plan into a power-based plan with some effort.

  1. From your current training plan, write down the various paces you are expected to run at.

  2. On the track or a flat section of the road, run the various paces noted in step 1. For each pace, write down your power number at that pace (for example, 234 watts at 5:07 min/km).

  3. When you get back home substitute pace for the power in your plan. Distance and time will remain the same.

  4. Next time you do a training session, power will help you adjust your pace in hilly terrain to maintain constant effort.

  5. Once you have completed your critical power test, you will get your power zones. You will be able to see in which power zones you are running.

  6. Depending on your watch and app, you can set up power alerts and see your power zone.

Why Do Stryd Training Plans Seem Too Slow or Easy?

If you are following a Stryd Training Plan and finding that the aerobic base runs and easy days are seemingly too easy (some users even report needing to walk to stay in power target), then it is a clear sign that your Critical Power is currently inaccurate and needs to be updated.

All training plan workouts are structured as % of your Critical Power, so it's essential to make sure you have a good CP to work from at the start of the training plan. If the time remaining before a planned race allows, we recommend completing the Stryd Testing Plan (available free to all users) which will allow you two weeks of training that includes the necessary variety to achieve an accurate Auto-Calculated Critical Power. If you cannot commit to the Test plan, read more about the essential run types in our Critical Power article and look at your Power Duration Curve in Stryd PowerCenter to understand what gaps may be causing a low CP.

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