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First run with Suunto and Stryd
First run with Suunto and Stryd

How do I start a run with Suunto and Stryd?

Updated over a week ago

Please ensure you have set up your Suunto watch correctly before starting your first run with Suunto and Stryd.

Also, ensure you have the correct weight and height settings on your Stryd pod.

First Run with Suunto and Stryd Instructions:

  1. Press the top right button on the watch.

  2. This will open your activity list. Use the top right button to scroll up through the list.

  3. Select Stryd Running mode using the middle right button.

  4. Once the GPS, Stryd sensor, and Heart Rate connect, you can start the run by pressing the middle right button.

  5. Please note that pressing the bottom right button will lap the activity.

  6. Pressing the right middle button will pause the activity. To resume the activity, press the right middle button again.

  7. To end the activity, press the right middle button like you pause the run. Then, use the right bottom button to scroll down to End. Select End with the right middle button.

  8. This will save the run.

Troubleshooting Tips - Suunto

Double-check that you have your Suunto Watch set up correctly.

If it still does not work, ensure the Stryd pod is not in a Bluetooth pairing with any other device.

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