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First Run with COROS and Stryd
First Run with COROS and Stryd

How to start a run with COROS and Stryd.

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Please ensure you have set up your COROS watch correctly before starting your first run with COROS and Stryd.

Also, ensure you have the correct weight and height settings on your Stryd pod.

First run with COROS and Stryd Instructions:

  1. On your COROS Watch press the Crown Button

  2. Using the Crow button, scroll to the run mode you wish to use.

  3. This example will show the standard Run Mode.

  4. Wait for the watch to connect to the GPS and Stryd sensor and find your heart rate before starting the run.

  5. When ready, press the crown button to start the run.

  6. While running, use the crown to scroll through the data screens until you find the screen that you added Stryd power to. Notice that your running power will increase and decrease depending on your effort.

  7. To pause the run, press the crown button. When you are ready to resume, press the crow button again.

  8. To finish the run, press the crown button like you would pause a run. Then scroll down using the crown and select Finish.

  9. You must hold the crown button down for three seconds to confirm that the run is finished.

  10. You will then be notified that the activity has been saved.

Once the run has been saved on your COROS watch, it will be loaded to your COROS app on your phone. After the run loads to the COROS app, it will be loaded to the Stryd app. If the run does not show up on the Stryd app immediately, check your COROS app to ensure your Watch has correctly exported the original file.

Troubleshooting Tips - COROS

Double-check that you have your COROS watch set up correctly. Be sure to start at step zero and complete all the steps up until step 3. Steps 3 and 4 are optional.

If you suspect an issue with your Stryd hardware, you may want to consult this support article.

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