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Suunto 3/5/9, Spartan, Vertical, Race, and Ambit 3 setup with Stryd
Suunto 3/5/9, Spartan, Vertical, Race, and Ambit 3 setup with Stryd
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Link your Suunto account to the Stryd ecosystem for automatic data syncing

Linking the Sunnto app to the Stryd app will make data upload simple. The Suunto app will automatically push every run recorded to the Stryd app.

Linking from PowerCenter:

  1. Connect to Suunto

Linking from the Stryd app on your phone:

  1. Open up the Stryd app on your phone.

  2. Go to Settings > Connected Accounts

  3. Select "Import from Suunto"

  4. If this method fails, please try linking the accounts through PowerCenter.

Your accounts are now connected! Going forward, your run activities that contain power data will now sync into Stryd's ecosystem automatically. Historic data will not transfer automatically.

The next step is to configure your watch to record Stryd power.

Pair Stryd to your watch

How to pair Stryd on Suunto 3/5/9 and Spartan watches with a sensor connection

These are the instructions on how to pair your new Stryd as a Foot Pod to your Suunto Spartan or Suunto 3/5/9 watch.

To pair with the watch:

  1. From the watch, screen scroll down until you reach Settings & tap on the screen to select

  2. Scroll to & select 'Connectivity'

  3. Scroll to & select 'Pair Sensor'

  4. Scroll to & select 'Pair Foot Pod'

  5. Go back to 'Connectivity" and look for 'Paired Devices'

  6. Select 'Foot Pod' and disable 'Autocalibration'

Suunto Spartan and Suunto 3/5/9 watches have a native power field for running and it's because of this you can pair the Stryd as a foot pod rather than a power pod (as you have to do for Ambit watches).

Using the Suunto app to configure your watch (recommended):

  1. Open up Suunto App on your phone and make your watch is showing the time.

  2. Select your watch by hitting the watch icon on the home screen

  3. Select Sport Mode Customization

  4. Create Sport Mode

  5. Select Running. 'Set a Sport mode name' (for example 'Stryd')

  6. Replace one of the existing fields with power to one of the Displays

  7. You have many options to customize. For example, you could show a 3-second average and lap average power on one display.

  8. Save the new sports mode and sync the watch.

If you wish to train and race with power zones, please refer to Suunto Spartan and Suunto 9 Ultra Power Zones.

If you have the Suunto 7 you will need to follow these instructions: How do I set up the Suunto 7 Watch to record Power using Sporty Go?

How to pair Stryd on Suunto 3/5/9 and Spartan watches with SuuuntoPlus

Install Stryd from Suunto Plus app on your phone

  1. Open the Suunto app on your phone

  2. Select your watch

  3. Select SuuntoPlus Store

  4. Select Stryd

  5. Install Stryd on your watch

Enable Stryd on your watch via Suunto Plus

  1. Open the Running mode (or your desired activity profile on your watch)

  2. Scroll down and select SuuntoPlus

  3. Enable Stryd

  4. Wait for Stryd to be discovered

  5. Stryd is now paired

Start your activity!

  1. Start the activity

  2. Scroll to the Stryd screen to see your Stryd data

  3. View your Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation in real time

  4. After you have completed your activity, your data will be available in both your Suunto and Stryd apps so you can start your analysis

How to pair Stryd to your Suunto Ambit 3

This article discussed Suunto Ambit 3 only.

There is a known issue when running with the Suunto Ambit 3. Please see this article to better understand the issue.

To pair Stryd as a Power POD:

  1. Press and hold the 'Next' button for 3-5 second

  2. Scroll down to 'Pair' and use the 'Next' button to select

  3. Scroll to 'Power POD' and use the 'Next' button to select

  4. Shake the Stryd a bit to activate it

  5. Once paired the watch will say "Reading POD parameters" and then return to your home watch face

To add Power to the run view:

  1. Connect your Suunto to your computer. Suunto Link should open automatically (install Suunto Link if needed). If not previously done so, you may need to link to the Suunto app via the Suunto Link app on your computer.

  2. In Suunto Link, select the watch icon in the top right to enter Watch Settings

  3. Select Sport Modes.

  4. You can either modify an existing mode or add a new mode.

  5. You can select the layout of a display and scroll down to specify what you want to see on each row.

  6. You must have a power field as one of the metrics on your watch.

  7. Save the settings changes so that your watch updates.

  8. Scroll down to 'PODS TO SEARCH'

  9. Ensure that only Power POD is checked (OK to also have HR Belt checked if you are using an HRM chest strap)

  10. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page

  11. Sync the new settings to your watch

Optional configuration:

With the Suunto Ambit 3, you can get distance and pace from Stryd rather than from GPS (or Suunto FusedSpeed). However, if you opt to get pace and distance from Stryd, you will no longer be able to get power on the watch (unless you have two Stryds). You need to configure the watch as follows:

  1. Pair Stryd as a foot pod and do not pair Stryd as a power pod (remove power pod if needed).

  2. In Movescount, set up a sports profile that searches for a foot pod (disable power pod).

  3. It is recommended to disable autocalibration.

PLEASE NOTE: When you are ready for your first run, the watch will search for Stryd. Once it is found the watch will ask you to calibrate Power POD, you can hit 'Later' (top right button of the watch).

If you use the Ambit 3 Run or the Ambit 2, you may want to follow this link:

Complete your data set with an offline sync of Stryd

Suunto watches are great for training and work well with Stryd! The only downside is that the Suunto watch does not record all of the Stryd metrics in the FIT file. Incomplete Stryd data can cause a variety of issues in the Stryd ecosystem.

The Stryd team has created a way for Suunto users to collect all the Stryd data in the Stryd app after the run has been completed. The Stryd pod is collecting run data independently from the Suunto watch. This data can then be downloaded to the Stryd app after the run. We call this data Offline Sync data.

Once the Offline Sync data and your Suunto data are both on your Stryd account, the two data sets will merge to create a complete data set.

This process should be completed after every run (or at least once per week when actively training) to retrieve your advanced running metrics such as Air Power, LSS, and more.

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