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First Run with Wahoo and Stryd
First Run with Wahoo and Stryd
Updated over a week ago

Please ensure you have set up your Wahoo watch correctly before starting your first run with Wahoo and Stryd.

Also, ensure you have the correct weight and height settings on your Stryd pod.

First Run with Wahoo and Stryd Instructions:

  1. Press the right middle button.

  2. This will open your activity list. Select Running by pressing the right middle button.

  3. Wait for GPS and Stryd to connect. The Play button on the right middle of the watch face will turn green when everything is connected.

  4. Press the right Middle button when you are ready to start the run.

  5. Use the bottom button to scroll through the watch screens to find Stryd Power. Notice that power will change as your running effort changes.

  6. Please note that to lap the watch, you can press the right top button.

  7. To Pause your run, press the right middle button.

  8. You can end the run by pressing the right top button from the pause screen.

  9. You will have to confirm that you wish to end the run.

  10. You will have to confirm that you wish to save the run file.

  11. To exit the run summary screen, press the left bottom button.

Troubleshooting Tips - Wahoo

Double-check that you have your Wahoo Watch set up correctly. The setup process is not straightforward. Take your time and be patient with the Wahoo user interface.

If it still does not work, please ensure the Stryd pod is not in a Bluetooth pairing with any other device.

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