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Stryd Workout App on your Garmin Watch [for watches unable to use Stryd Zones Datafield]
Stryd Workout App on your Garmin Watch [for watches unable to use Stryd Zones Datafield]

For watches that aren't compatible with Stryd Zones Datafield for workouts.

Updated over a week ago

Using the Stryd Workout app for Garmin is a great way to set up your Stryd with your Garmin Watch.

Before you set up your Garmin watch with Stryd, make sure you pair your Stryd pod to the Stryd mobile app.

You will also want to make sure that you have the correct weight and height settings on the Stryd pod.

Please note that these instructions are only for the Stryd Workout app Compatible Garmin watches. If you need to check your watch compatibility, please follow this LINK.

Most Garmin users should use the Stryd Zones Data Fields to perform Stryd Power-Based Workouts.

Step 1: Installing the Garmin Stryd Workout app

Note: This is an app for your watch. This app is independent of the other native activity modes such as Run, Trail, and Treadmill Mode. You will have to use the Stryd App to record run data with Stryd metrics.

If you want to add Stryd to the native run modes on your Garmin, please add the Stryd Zones Data Fields to your native run modes on your watch.

Install Instructions:

  1. Please open up the 'Connect IQ Store' app on your phone:
    If you do not have the 'Connect IQ Store' app on your phone, please click here to download it from Google Play>> or please click here to download it from App Store>>

  2. In the search bar of the app, type 'Stryd'

  3. Look for 'Stryd | Workout App' in the search results

  4. Tap the 'Download' button

  5. Open the ‘Garmin Connect Mobile' app, ensure your watch is near your phone, and sync your watch so that the app can transfer to your watch

Garmin Express Install Instructions:

  1. Open the ‘Garmin Express' app on your computer

  2. Select your watch

  3. Select 'IQ Apps'

  4. Select 'Get More Apps'

  5. A browser window will open

  6. Please search for 'Stryd'

  7. Select 'Stryd | Workout App'

  8. Sync your device and the app will be installed

(Optional) Add the Stryd app to your Favorites List:

This can be helpful if you have many native apps on your Garmin. It just makes Stryd easier to find!

  1. Open the Garmin Connect mobile app

  2. Select Garmin Device

  3. Select Activities, Apps & More

  4. Select Activities & Apps

  5. Add Stryd Workout App to the Favorites List

  6. Remove any Activities & Apps that you never use

  7. Sync the watch to save the changes

Step 2: Paring the Stryd pod to the Garmin Stryd Workout app

First-time Stryd users:

The first time you run with the Stryd Workout App, the watch will automatically pair with your Stryd. After your first run, your watch will only grab data from your own Stryd (so no problem if you run with other Stryders).

New pod users:

If you just got a new Stryd pod but you are not new to Stryd, you will need to remove the old Stryd sensor from the Stryd Workout app.

  1. Open the Stryd Workout app on your Garmin watch

  2. Select Settings

  3. Scroll down to “Unpair Stryd”

Now when you start a run with the Stryd Workout app, the watch will automatically pair with your Stryd.

Step 3: Configuring the Garmin Stryd Workout app Settings

The Stryd Workout app for Garmin is great because it allows you to view any Stryd metric that you might want to see in REAL-TIME on every run!

Navigate to the Settings in the Stryd Workout app on your Garmin Watch to continue configuring.

Input your Stryd Username:

You need to input your Stryd Username in order to use any Power-Based Structured Workouts.

The username is not case-sensitive and is required to fetch workouts from your Stryd calendar to the watch. You can find your Stryd username on your Stryd mobile app. Select Settings >> Edit Profile >> There you will see the username you need to input.

Customize your Data Fields:

Data screens are customizable and every watch allows a minimum of the Workout Screen and two data screens (for a total of 8 metrics). Some watches have more memory and allow four data screens (for a total of 16 metrics).

You can select data fields for each data screen. For example, the Stryd Workout app has a range of Power Fields, Timer Fields, Pace Fields, Distance Fields, Advanced Fields, Etc. You can select your desired metrics by selecting them from these categories.

Your Data Screens, also come with a format setting, there are two format settings, quad, and split.

Customize your Run Profiles:

Please note that only Stryd users with Stryd Firmware 1.2.29 and higher will have access to this Stryd Workout app Feature.

Here you can choose your Default Run Profile. You can also customize the two additional data screens displayed on the main screen. More details about this new feature can be found here.

Treadmill Incline Settings:

For the Treadmill Mode you will be able to set the Treadmill Incline in the Stryd Workout app on your Garmin watch to get the most accurate power information.

To change the incline press select and enter configure mode (you will see an orange square appear around the incline value). Now you will be able to use the up/down arrows to change the incline, press select again to finalize the selection.

Notice that you also have the ability to adjust the auto-lap, tones, and vibrations for each unique run mode.

Firmware lower than 2.1.29:

You can change the mode from Outdoor to Indoor. You will not have the different Run Profile options. You can adjust the auto-lap, tones, and vibrations.

The treadmill incline feature will work for the Indoor Mode for this firmware version.

Step 4: Running with the Workout App

There are two different ways to use the Workout app. The first way is for an “Open Run”. The Second way is a power-based “Workout”. You will see both of these options when you open the Stryd Workout app.

Using the Open Run option:

Instead of using the Garmin native modes such as "Run Mode", "Treadmill Mode", etc., select the Stryd Workout App. The Stryd Workout App will record all data and your run will show up in Garmin Connect and other platforms after your run.

People usually run with the Open Run option if they do not train with a power-based training plan, or if they want to do an unplanned run while following a power-baes training plan.

Using the Workout option:

You will first need to have a power-based workout loaded on your Stryd Calendar. You can use a Stryd Workout or you can build a power-based workout on TrainingPeaks or Final Surge.

Note: You will need to have a power-based structured workout scheduled in your Stryd calendar within the next 2-5 days in order for the workouts to load to the Stryd Workout App.

At just a glance, you will know if you are running at the proper intensity. Your real-time power output is placed between the lower and upper-intensity target ranges for that workout step. This is a persistent reminder of what your targets are. The watch background will also change colors depending on your real-time power. Green indicates you are within the correct zones and red and blue indicate too high and too low respectively. Tones and vibrations can be turned on to further assist your workout success!

Executing Structured Power-Based Workout:

  1. Open the Stryd Workout App on the watch.

  2. Select "Workouts".

  3. Select "Fetch Workouts". This will grab your next 2 - 5 days worth of workouts.

    1. Make sure Garmin Connect Mobile is open on your phone

    2. Make sure that your watch is connected to your phone and that your phone is nearby. Your watch uses your phone's connection to download the workouts.

  4. You can select one of these workouts and have the option to start, view, or delete the workout.

For further instructions and information, please see this Blog Post.

Step 5: Link your Garmin Connect account to the Stryd PowerCenter

The easiest way to get your data into Stryd PowerCenter for analysis is to use your Garmin Connect account. After you do this, whenever you sync your watch (which often happens automatically), your data will instantly be synced with Stryd PowerCenter!

  1. Make sure your watch is showing the power data field while running, and that you are able to see your power while running.

  2. Go to settings in your Stryd PowerCenter account.

  3. Select import from Garmin Connect (Green button means it is connected. Gray button means it is not yet connected).

  4. After you connect Garmin Connect with PowerCenter, you can simply sync your watch with Garmin Connect after your run. All your data will automatically show up in PowerCenter.

  5. If you have problems, check our troubleshooting steps for Garmin Connect.

GPS Mapping and Connection Details for the Stryd Workout App

Stryd's Connect IQ App download known as the Stryd Workout App can be used as an alternative to the Garmin watch Run mode to complete workouts with enhanced power-based workout functionality. The app still uses GPS to produce a map of your activity at completion or for distance reporting when a Stryd pod has not been detected.

Garmin watches offer many satellite positioning network options such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and some watches include multi-band or dual-frequency capabilities. Stryd Workout App does not allow for the selection of satellite positioning preferences. The app will use the positioning options of the last native activity mode on the watch including any multi-band settings used on the last activity. Here is what this means:

If the last time you recorded an activity you used the Garmin "Run" mode and the run mode was configured to use GPS and Galileo, then when you record your next activity with the Stryd Workout App, the app will use GPS and Galileo for positioning.

If you used the native "Ski" mode the last time you recorded an activity and the positioning of the ski mode is configured to GLONASS, then the next activity you record with the Stryd Workout App will use GLONASS.

The differences make only subtle differences in route reporting accuracy and should not be a top concern, especially since distance and pace data will be taken from the Stryd power meter whenever you bring it out on your run.

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