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Treadmill Workouts within the Stryd Mobile App
Treadmill Workouts within the Stryd Mobile App

Overview for performing Structured Treadmill Workouts within the Stryd Mobile App.

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The Stryd Mobile app can be a fantastic tool to use on the treadmill. The Stryd team has created special features for Structured Power-Based Workouts that are performed on the Treadmill.

Here are the steps for performing a Structured Treadmill Workout within the Stryd Mobile App:

NOTE: Before starting the workout, be sure to pair your Stryd pod in the mobile app settings.

Step 1: Choose a Treadmill Workout

You may want to try a Treadmill Workout created by the Stryd team before you make a workout of your own. If you choose to build a treadmill workout in the Workout Builder, that is fine too.

  1. Update the Stryd mobile App to the latest version.

  2. Open the Stryd Mobile App.

  3. Select Library. Make sure you are in the Workout folder of the Library.

  4. Scroll through the Stryd Collections until you see the Treadmill Workouts folder.

  5. Select a workout that fits into your training.

  6. Add this workout to your calendar or you can start the workout from this folder.

You must have a Critical Power to use the Treadmill Experience

The Treadmill Experience will not work unless you have a Critical Power number. It will not work because the Treadmill Experience relies on an accurate Critical Power number to provide the user with a pace and power estimation.

The treadmill workouts on Stryd will give you a pace estimation for every segment you create with a power target or range. These pace estimations may not be perfect but they are designed to help you find your target power faster.

Typically, the pace estimate that we suggest is within the target power range. You may need to make small adjustments to dial in your power output.

Stryd uses your Critical Power and Power Duration Curve to make these pace estimations.

Step 2: Start the Treadmill Workout

Make sure that you do not start the Structured Treadmill Workout until you are on the treadmill. Also, please only do Structured Treadmill Workouts on the treadmill. If you want to do a workout outside or on an indoor or outdoor track, please select a workout from any of the other workout folders.

  1. Select the workout on your calendar. Or if you opted to start the workout from the folder, that is fine too just skip to step 4.

  2. Tap the ‘...’ in the top right corner.

  3. Tap the ‘Start Run’ option.

  4. Input the target speed and incline on your treadmill.

  5. Run! Your workout will start once you reach the target power.

  • The estimated speed reflects the units set in your mobile app. So if your treadmill uses kilometers per hour and your Stryd account uses minutes per mile, it may be difficult to find the starting speed.

If the instructions so far seem confusing, please see this YouTube video for a detailed tutorial:

Step 3: Features in the Treadmill Workout

Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, you may have some questions about the features of the Treadmill Workout app.

When you start a treadmill workout, you are presented with a colorful display that tells you what incline and speed you need to be running at to reach your power target. Below your current lap, you will see an overview of your upcoming lap.

You are guided by a gauge that tells you how well you are sticking to the target. The power gauge will move depending on how close you are to hitting your goal power target.

-If you are under your target power range, the gauge will move to the blue zone on the left.

-If you are above your target power range, the gauge will move to the red zone on the right.

-If you are within your target power range, the gauge will move to the green zone in the middle.

When the next workout segment is about to start, you are prompted to shift gears by changing either speed, incline, or both.

After every lap, you will receive 15 seconds to transition to the next lap.

What happens during the 15-second countdown between segments in the treadmill workout mode?

During this transition time, the app will use tones and haptics to notify you that it is time to transition. There are currently no "Text to Voice" Audio Cues for the treadmill workout.

The top of the screen will indicate the next incline and estimated speed to program on your treadmill.

NOTE: If you fail to change the treadmill incline to match the planned incline for the segment, your power for that segment will still be adjusted based on the planned incline rather than your actual incline. The Stryd pod can not sense the treadmill incline.

To manually move to the next lap, click on the ‘forward’ button on the side of the screen.

Below the power gauge, you will see the Overall Run Time.

To access the drawer to see additional metrics as well as a visual on your workout progress, you will need to tap “Run Time”.

If you have any questions about the features of the Treadmill Workout Experience, please see this video for more details:

Step 4: End the Treadmill Structured Workout

Here are the steps for ending a structured treadmill workout with the Stryd Mobile App:

  1. The app will give you a countdown of when the workout is ending

  2. Once the app indicates that the workout is complete, you will need to hit the stop button to end the run.

  3. After you stop the run, press “Finish Run” to save, or “Discard Run” to delete it.

  4. To view the run, head back to the calendar tab, select the run, and enjoy the post-run insights!

For video instructions, please see this link:

Common Questions about the Treadmill Workout Experience

If your questions about the Structured Treadmill Workout are not answered here, please contact the Stryd Customer Support team.

My Treadmill Structured Workout is not Starting

Stryd offers the ability to complete structured workouts on a treadmill using our mobile app on iPhone and Android devices. The workouts look similar to other structured workouts in the app but will include a treadmill incline designation in each workout segment.

If you are finding that your structured treadmill workout is not starting, you might not be moving fast enough yet. Treadmill structured workouts will automatically begin once you start running on your treadmill and close to the intended pace of the first segment.

Treadmill Workouts for users who do not pay for the Membership

For non-members, Stryd offers a limited collection of Treadmill Workouts free of charge. You can find these workouts within the Stryd app on your phone, and you can add them to your calendar.


Which devices support treadmill structured workouts?

The Structured Treadmill Workouts are available to all Stryd users in our Android and iOS apps. It is NOT available on any Stryd-compatible watch. We hope to include Structured Treadmill Workouts for watches in the future.

Treadmill workouts from TrainingPeaks or Final Surge and Stryd

There is a difference between the Treadmill Workouts available on Stryd and the Treadmill Workouts available on TrainingPeaks and Final Surge.

Stryd offers structured workouts and automatic power scaling for treadmill workouts that include incline. This incline-adjusted power feature is only available in the Stryd app.

Stryd users who pay for the membership have the option to build their own custom treadmill workouts. If you have a Stryd Membership, then you can build a copy of the workouts from a third-party training platform with the Stryd Workout Builder, and then you can execute that workout on the app.

Final Surge and TrainingPeaks do not support the Stryd incline-adjusted power. The Stryd Mobile Treadmill Experience requires a value for % incline for each workout segment on a treadmill, but TrainingPeaks and Final Surge workouts don't contain this required value.

Why is my pace predictor wrong when doing a Structured Treadmill Workout?

Stryd's pace predictor for Structured Treadmill Workouts works similarly to our Race Power Calculator. When Stryd's Race Power Calculator cannot predict race times, neither do the estimates work on the Treadmill.

You can read more on why the RPC cannot predict accurate race times here.

The Incline on the treadmill display must match the incline in the Treadmill Workout

If you do not set the same incline on your treadmill that the workout suggests, your power information will be wrong. The Stryd pod does not measure incline independently from the app. The app corrects the power data that is recorded based on the inline displayed in the workout.

Not setting the treadmill incline to the correct number can cause your Critical Power to be incorrect. This will negatively impact your future workouts and races.

Can I use Zwift at the same time as a Treadmill Workout?

You can not use Zwift + Stryd at the same time as a Stryd Treadmill Workout if you use Bluetooth to connect Zwift to your Stryd device (which is the most typical way people use Zwift). The Stryd mobile app connects to the Stryd pod via Bluetooth. The Stryd pod only has the capability to connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. This means that there will not be a Bluetooth signal for Zwift to use to connect to Stryd.

However, for users that are able to connect Stryd to Zwift via ANT, they could use the Stryd Treadmill Workout app at the same time as Zwift + Stryd. The ANT Zwift connection often requires an external ANT Dongle. You can learn more about using Zwift via ANT on the Zwift:

NOTE: The Stryd mobile app can not be used in the background. So you will have to use Zwift on a separate device from your Stryd app. You can not ever use Stryd and Zwift on the same device.

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