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Using Stryd on the Treadmill
Using Stryd on the Treadmill

How to run with Stryd on the Treadmill? Does Stryd work on the Treadmill?

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This article is for Open Runs and Free Runs on the treadmill. If you are trying to do a Stryd Structured Workout on the Stryd app for the treadmill, please see this article instead: Treadmill Workouts within the Stryd Mobile app

Start a Treadmill Run

You can use a Stryd-compatible watch to record Stryd treadmill runs. Make sure that you are using the watch's treadmill or indoor mode to record the activity. This will ensure that the GPS is turned off for this run file.

Or you can use the Stryd mobile app to record a treadmill run with your smartphone! Please see the following instructions to start a treadmill run on your Stryd Mobile app:

  1. Select the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen to go to your calendar. Select the Plus symbol top right of the screen.

  2. Select 'Start Run' You will be able to select outdoor or indoor for treadmill runs.

  3. When you're ready to start your run, click the record button on the bottom left.

  4. Adjust the incline by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Adjusting the Treadmill Incline in the Stryd app

Currently, it is necessary to tell Stryd the incline you are running on by recording your activity with either the Stryd mobile app (Android or iOS), our Apple Watch app, or the Stryd Workout App on Garmin (available for Stryd devices using 2.1.16 firmware or higher).

How do I set the incline on a Mobile Device?

When you run on the treadmill on an incline, you need to set the incline in the app to get the correct power readings as Stryd can currently not detect incline (outside it relies on elevation change to calculate the correct power level). To set the incline, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Stryd app on your Android phone. Select the Calendar on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click the + icon (top right). Select "Start Run" > "Indoor Run"

  3. Drag the run time view up from the bottom of the screen.

  4. Set incline. The Stryd app allows an incline from -50% to +50%.

This will adjust the reported power appropriately and factor in the incline into the power value. You can make multiple incline changes during a workout. Once an incline change is applied your power will adjust accordingly.

If you sync your Stryd to the Stryd app (Offline Sync) you will not see any of the incline adjustments that you made during the run. This is because the Stryd pod never knows what the incline is. The power values are adjusted in the app in real-time.

Stryd uses a combination of motion and environmental data to determine your running power. As you move up a hill, the barometric pressure changes and Stryd uses this to report relative elevation gain. Outdoor running is fundamentally different from indoor running.

When running indoors on a treadmill incline, the external running environment does not change as you run. You are essentially climbing in place when running on a treadmill incline. Therefore, it is necessary to tell Stryd the incline you are running at to receive an appropriate power value when running on the treadmill.

Note: If you are running at a 0% or 1% incline indoors, there is no need to record using our app or tell Stryd the incline.

Understanding Percent Incline in the Stryd Treadmill Experience

The Stryd Mobile App Treadmill Experience offers the ability to build structured workout segments with assigned percent inclines so that your power reflects uphill running on a treadmill.

Stryd utilizes percent grade as our measure incline. Percent grade is determined by the number of vertical feet that are gained over 100 horizontal feet. As an example, a 10% grade on a treadmill means that the runner would gain 10 vertical feet as they ran 100 horizontal feet:


It should be noted that this is not the same as the degrees of an angle. A 10-degree angle is substantially steeper than a 10% incline. A 100% grade is equal to a 45-degree angle (100 vertical feet covered over 100 horizontal feet.

Pace and Distance differences on the Treadmill

You may notice that the speed from your Stryd device differs from the speed on your treadmill display. This is completely normal and expected.

This case is discussed in detail in another support article: Why is my treadmill giving me faster pace than my Stryd pod?

If you don't care about accuracy and just want your Stryd to match your treadmill, you can set a calibration factor.

Running on the Treadmill is Different than running Outside

Some Stryd users experience that running on the treadmill feels hard (i.e. RPE is high) while their power number is lower than expected. This is normal as running on the treadmill is biomechanically different than outside. In addition, environmental conditions are quite different.

Steve Palladino wrote an excellent article about running with power on the treadmill. Palladino covers the following topics:

  • FTP/CP Portability

  • Heat / Humidity

  • Stryd Air Power

  • Motorized vs Non-Motorized Treadmills

  • Incline

  • Calibration - Stryd, Treadmill, Zwift

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