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First Run with Polar and Stryd
First Run with Polar and Stryd
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Please ensure that you have set up your Polar watch correctly before starting your first run with Polar and Stryd.

Also, ensure you have the correct weight and height settings on your Stryd pod.

First Run with Polar and Stryd Instructions:

  1. Press and hold the right middle button on your Polar watch.

  2. Run Mode has been opened and GPS, Stryd, and Heart Rate are connecting.

  3. Press the Right Middle Button to Start the Run Recording.

  4. Press the bottom right button to scroll through the screens until you find Stryd Power. Notice that the power number will correspond to your running effort.

  5. Remember that the Lap button is the middle button on the right side.

  6. The Pause button is on the bottom left side.

  7. Once you pause the run, you can end the run by pressing and holding down on the bottom left button for three seconds. This is the same button used to initiate the Pause feature.

  8. You will see the “Recording Ended” screen if the run is properly saved.

  9. To save the Training Session, select the middle right button. You will have to press and hold this button for three seconds.

  10. Press the bottom left button to exit and return to the main watch screen.

Troubleshooting Tips - Polar

Double-check that your Polar Watch is set up correctly. You must start with step zero and follow steps 1 and 2.

If the above tip does not work, you should read this support article about common Polar/Stryd questions.

If it still does not work, please ensure the Stryd pod is not in a Bluetooth pairing with any other device.

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