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Polar Pacer Pro, Vantage, and GritX set up with Stryd
Polar Pacer Pro, Vantage, and GritX set up with Stryd
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Before you set up your Polar watch with Stryd, make sure you pair your Stryd pod to the Stryd mobile app.

You will also want to make sure that you have the correct weight and height settings on the Stryd pod.

Step 1: Link Polar App to the Stryd ecosystem

Linking the Polar app to the Stryd app will make data upload simple. The Polar app will automatically push every run recorded to the Stryd app.

Linking from PowerCenter:

  1. Connect to Polar Flow

Linking from the Stryd app on your phone:

  1. Open up the Stryd app on your phone.

  2. Go to settings > connected accounts

  3. Select "Import from Polar"

  4. If this method fails, please try linking the accounts through PowerCenter.

Your accounts are now connected! Going forward, your run activities that contain power data will now sync into Stryd's ecosystem automatically. Historic data will not transfer automatically.

The next step is to configure your watch to record Stryd power.

Step 2: Polar Setup Instructions

Stryd supports the Pacer Pro, Vantage V, V2, and V/Titan, Grit X, and Vantage M, M2.

If you have the Polar V800 you will have to follow these instructions LINK.

Other Polar watches do not receive power from Stryd, though Stryd can be used for superior pace and distance as a standard foot pod.

Pair to the watch:

  1. Start on the main clock screen

  2. Bring open the options menu by pressing the bottom left button

  3. Scroll down to Settings by pressing the bottom right button

  4. Select Settings by pressing the middle right button

  5. Scroll down to General Settings in this menu with the bottom right button

  6. Select General Settings by pressing the middle right button

  7. Scroll down to Pair and Sync in this menu with the bottom right button

  8. Select Pair and Sync by pressing the middle right button

  9. Scroll down to Pair sensor or other devices in this menu with the bottom right button

  10. Select Pair and Sync by pressing the middle right button

  11. Bring Stryd close to the watch to pair

  12. Stryd will be found. You are good to go.

Note: Be sure that Stryd is not actively paired to your phone or another watch. That will prevent Stryd from being paired to the watch.

Using Polar Flow to configure your watch

Once you have paired Stryd as a sensor to your watch, you need to modify the Sport Profile of your Polar watch to show power while you are running. These instructions are for Polar Flow on the computer, you can also use the Polar Flow app on the phone.

  1. Connect your watch to your computer and open up Polar Flow (it is assumed that you have Polar FlowSync installed and set up on your computer)

  2. Select Sport Profile by selecting the down arrow next to your profile picture:

  3. Scroll down to "Related to Device". Select your watch and open up Training Views. You will see all the views on your watch. Select the view you want to change.

  4. Scroll down, and you will be able to change the metrics shown on your watch. Polar has many power metrics, you can combine metrics per your needs.

  5. Save your changes and sync the watch.

(Optional) Disable autocalibration: Vantage, Grit X and Pacer

Some Polar watches have autocalibration enabled by default. Autocalibration may work well in some circumstances, but it relies on GPS reception and the calibration factor can continuously change.

If you wish to finetune pace and distance as provided by Stryd, you can set a manual calibration factor.

The calibration process is sport profile-specific. When running with different sports profiles (e.g. road, trail, treadmill), each of them requires calibration to be changed.

  1. Browse the running sport profile you want to use.

  2. Wait for your Polar watch to find Stryd (the foot pod icon will be solid and your Stryd will briefly flash once).

  3. Press LIGHT to enter the Quick menu and choose Calibrate stride sensor > Calibration factor.

  4. Set the calibration factor and press OK. Calibrated. Calibration factor: X.XXX is shown. Unless you have run a known distance, set this factor to 1.000 (which means that Stryd pace and distance are changed)

Step 3: Collecting complete Stryd run data with Polar

Polar watches are great for training and work well with Stryd! The only downside is that the Polar watch does not record all of the Stryd metrics in the FIT file. Incomplete Stryd data can cause a variety of issues in the Stryd ecosystem.

The Stryd team has created a way for Polar users to collect all the Stryd data in the Stryd app after the run has been completed. The Stryd pod is collecting run data independently from the Polar watch. This data can then be downloaded to the Stryd app after the run. We call this data Offline Sync data.

Once the Offline Sync data and your Polar data are both on your Stryd account, the two data sets will merge with each other to create a complete data set.

This process should be completed after every run (or at least once per week when actively training) in order to retrieve your advanced running metrics such as Air Power, LSS, and more.

How to Offline Sync:

  1. After your run, open the Stryd Mobile App (iOS or Android)

  2. Under the Profile screen, find and select the gear icon in the upper-righthand corner. It will take you to a screen where you can select 'Stryd' once connected you can 'Sync Stryd' (iOS) or 'Offline Sync' (Android). You can also sync the Stryd via the calendar view.

  3. Wait until Stryd is done syncing your run data. Make sure the phone does not sleep or navigate away from the sync screen during this process.

  4. If you check the Stryd app after the sync is complete, you will notice that the Run data is now complete.

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