Common Garmin and Stryd Questions
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How can I find the ANT ID of my Stryd using my Garmin?

It can be useful to know your Stryd ANT ID if you run with a Garmin watch. If you do not add your ANT ID to your Garmin Connect settings, your Garmin watch may pick up the Stryd data from someone else's Stryd.

You can find the ANT ID using your Garmin watch. Check your paired devices on your Garmin watch. Here are the instructions:

  1. Open the Garmin watch Settings

  2. Select Sensors and Accessories

  3. Look for FP-number (write down the number). This is the only Stryd connection recommended for a Garmin watch. All other Stryd connections are not recommended for Garmin use.

If you don't see FP-number, you may need to select Add Sensor. Move your Stryd while pairing (this might take a few attempts). Your Stryd should show up as FP-number. Once you have the ANT ID, you can enter it in any of your Stryd data fields using Garmin Connect Mobile, the Connect IQ app or Garmin Express.

What is my Stryd username?

Your username is required when setting up the Stryd Zones Connect IQ data field for newer Garmin watches. It is also required when using the Stryd Workout app from Garmin. The username is different than the email you use on your account. Email is a unique identifier in our system, the username can be changed and edited.

You can find your username in the Stryd app and PowerCenter.

1. In PowerCenter, the username shows in the top left corner of your runner profile.

2. In the Stryd App, the username shows up in the Setting ->Edit User Profile.

You can change your Stryd username. However, you will need to contact Support if you would like to change your email address.

How do I make Garmin Connect Activity Public?

1. in Garmin Connect, Select the activity you want to make public in Garmin Connect and select the small lock icon on the right.


2. Select "Everyone"


3. This will allow your activity to be seen by the public

4. Please share a URL for this activity and share it with Stryd's customer support team. From here customer support can access the activity, to compare the data collected by Garmin Connect and compare that to the data collected by PowerCenter

Garmin Fenix 5, Fenix 5S & Vivoactive 3 Known issues

Stryd is compatible with the Vivoactive 3, Fenix 5, and 5S, meaning you can pair it as a foot pod, receive power, pace, distance, and all the other metrics that we offer (with the Vivoactive 3 you need to disable GPS). We do not list those watches in our compatible ecosystems online due to the inconsistency of Garmin's ANT+ connectivity. We have had many reports of dropouts so we are not comfortable recommending the combination of Stryd and the Vivoactive 3, Fenix 5, and 5S to our customers.

However, if you purchased Stryd and would like to use it with your 5/5S instructions to pair to your watch are the same as pairing to the FR 935 & Fenix 5X. If you have the Vivoactive 3 and would like to use it with Stryd, please follow these instructions: Stryd Zones data field for Garmin Watches

Even if you experience problems, you can still use Stryd. You will get power data on the Vivoactive 3, Fenix 5 & 5S, even if the connection is not reliable (you may see the power drop at times). Stryd will continue to record your data accurately, and you can upload your data from Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone. Stryd might record some extra time before and after your run, but you can edit this data with a Fit Tool.

Why is my Garmin watch picking up power from my friend's Stryd?

The Garmin watch can pick up data from any Stryd. You can set up the watch to pick up power from just your own Stryd. This is helpful if you run with other people that also have a Stryd.

First, you need to figure out the ANT ID from your Stryd. You can find the ANT ID in the Stryd app once you pair your Stryd to the Stryd app.

You can enter the ANT ID using Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone (you can do the same with Garmin Express on the computer). Select your watch, and go to Activities, Apps, and More -> Data fields -> Settings). Note that menu names vary a bit from watch to watch.

Garmin 3D Distance and/or 3D Speed and Stryd

Some Garmin watches support 3D Distance and Speed. This feature may cause bugs when enabled with the usage of Stryd, and you might not be able to get pace and distance from Stryd. While the 3D Distance and Speed issue is a rare bug, it is recommended to use 2D Distance and Speed if you want a reliable pace and distance from Stryd.

If your Garmin watch has this feature, here are the steps to disable 3D Distance and 3D Speed:

  1. Press and hold Menu key

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Apps

  4. Select the activity profile to be customized

  5. Select 3D Speed and/or 3D Distance

  6. Press Start/Stop to Disable

Why does the Power data field show searching?

When the Stryd power data field is showing "searching", it means the Garmin watch is not finding your Stryd. Most of the time this message will disappear as soon as you move your Stryd. If the "searching" message persists, power will not be shown or recorded. Here are a few recommended troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart your Garmin watch, that will likely restore power to the watch.

2. Connect to your Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone and check the battery level. If you cannot connect, the battery may be depleted and need to be recharged.

3. If you can connect with the Stryd app and the battery level is fine, perform a soft reset.

4. If a soft reset still does not resolve the problem, perform a hard reset (newer devices only). After the hard reset, you must reactivate your Stryd by placing it on the charger.

How to send a Garmin FIT file?

If you are experiencing some challenges with Stryd and your Garmin, we may ask you for a recent FIT file from Garmin so we can look further into this issue. Here are the steps on how to do so:

  1. Export the FIT file from Garmin Connect. Select the activity you want to export in Garmin Connect, and select the small wheel on the right.

  2. Select original (which will give you a zip file with embedded a FIT file):

  3. This will download the file (most likely into your download folder).

  4. If you exported as Original, you need to extract the FIT file from the archive.

  5. Send us this FIT file


How to edit Run Profiles on the Stryd Workout App (when paired to Next-Gen Stryd)

When using the Stryd Workout App paired to the Next-Gen Stryd you will have 5 different run profile options to choose from: RUN, TRACK, TRAIL, TREADMILL, and INDOOR.

If the Stryd Workout App is paired to an older model Stryd (Stryd with wind detection or earlier), you will not see these run profile options within the app. Instead, you will have an Outdoor and Indoor mode which you can toggle between in the Stryd Workout App Settings.

When paired with the next gen Stryd, follow these steps to edit the various run profile settings:

1. Launch the Stryd Workout App on the watch

2. Scroll down on the main menu and select 'Settings'

3. Select 'Run Profiles'

4. Scroll down and select the run profile you want to edit

5. Here you can customize the following options for the run profile selected:

AVERAGING: Chang the power averaging to 3s, 10s, 30s, Real, Overall, or Lap average

DATA FIELDS: Customize Field 1 and Field 2 of the workout screen (shown when performing a structured workout)

TARGET ALERTS: Customize your alerts for when you are over the target power or under the target power

LAP ALERTS: Turn on/off tone and vibration alerts for lap splits

AUTO LAP: Turn on/off auto laps

ENVIRONMENTAL ADJUSTMENT: Turn on/off environmental adjustments

Maximum and Minimum Incline when using the Stryd Workout app indoors (Garmin)

The maximum incline is 40%, and the minimum incline is -20%

The Stryd Workout app on your compatible Garmin watch can be used indoors on the treadmill. You can adjust the incline in the Stryd Workout app to correct power while running or walking.

Can I set power alerts on my Garmin watch?

Currently, it is not possible to get power alerts on any Garmin watch. This is a limitation of the Garmin watch.

You can install the Stryd Workout App on your Garmin watch to get a visual indication of your power zone. The Stryd Workout App will give you tones, vibrations, and target alerts in real-time in workout mode.

Configuring your Garmin watch to take pace & distance from Stryd & other sensor pairings

It is not required to use Stryd for pace and distance, you can use GPS instead. But Stryd is often more accurate, responsive, and consistent than GPS for pace and distance. If you wish to use Stryd for pace and/or distance, follow the steps below:

How to take pace & distance from Stryd

Many Garmin watches can pair with Stryd through Bluetooth and ANT. Only use ANT pairing, Bluetooth pairing can cause a variety of issues.

Pair Stryd as an ANT+ Foot Pod

  1. Head to your Garmin watch settings

  2. Scroll to the 'Sensors and Accessories' menu

  3. You may see Stryd paired to the watch. If you see FP-STRYD, PWR-STRYD, or PWR-[NUMBER], remove these pairings. ONLY pair the Stryd pod as FP-[NUMBER]. [NUMBER] is the ANT+ ID of your Stryd.

  4. If you don't see FP-[NUMBER] in the list, physically move your Stryd to activate it and use the watch menus to add a new sensor (search for foot pod only). The watch should find your Stryd.

Configure the settings

You can configure Stryd to be used always for pace and/or distance, or indoor only (default). Disable autocalibration as it will lead to unexpected results:

  1. Choose FP-[NUMBER] from the list

  2. Scroll down and select 'Speed'

  3. Scroll down to set to 'Always'

  4. Scroll down and select 'Distance'

  5. Scroll down to select 'Always'

  6. Scroll down and select 'Cal. Factor'

  7. Scroll down and select 'Disable'

  8. Scroll down to 'Set Value' and confirm that it is 100.0

Pair & Disable Unnecessary Sensor Connections

If your Garmin watch supports Bluetooth sensor pairings, you can additionally pair Stryd as a Bluetooth sensor and then disable this pairing. The advantage of doing this is that the watch will not ask you to pair in the future, which can lead to incorrect configuration of the watch.

Disable connections for Stryd Wind Model & Next Gen Stryd: Single Pod Configuration

  1. FP - STRYD: Pair and then disable. You should pair and disable so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

  2. PWR - STRYD: Pair and then disable. You should pair and disable so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

Disable connections for Stryd Duo: Dual Pod Configuration

  1. FP - StrydX: Pair and then disable all StrydX connections. You should pair and disable so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

  2. PWR - StrydX: Pair and then disable all StrydX connections. You should pair and disable so you are not prompted in the future to make the connection.

Stryd data drops in Garmin recorded files

Some Stryders report that their Garmin watch is not recording data properly. If your data looks like this:


we recommend that you change the settings on your Garmin watch.

Navigate to settings > system > data recording. If it is set to "Smart" (default), change it to "Every Second".

Multisport Mode on Garmin Watch

​The Garmin watch has a multisport mode that allows recording an entire triathlon. You can add Stryd Zones to the data screen of the multisport mode on your Garmin to have Stryd power on your watch during the running segment.

The FIT file includes your swim and run, and while it will be imported automatically into the Stryd ecosystem, your data will not just be the run portion. There are three options to upload your data:

1. Set up a secondary Stryd account to avoid duplication of your data as your Stryd pod can hold up to 40 hours of running data. Then, Upload the Stryd data with the Stryd app on your phone.

2. Crop the FIT file, selecting just the running portion of your event.

3. During the triathlon, do not use multisport mode but stop the watch, and record the run portion as a regular run.

Garmin Says Watch Needs An Update

Important: You must use a computer for these steps. Using the Garmin app on your phone will not work.

1. Go to Garmin Connect at
2. Click on the watch icon in the top right
3. Selected the affected watch
4. Tap on the settings cog in the top right
5. Tap on remove in this menu

6. Opened up Garmin Express on the computer and select your watch

7. Select tools & content
8. Remove the watch from Garmin Express

9. Add the watch to Garmin Express again
10. Select & sync your watch
11. The Garmin update issue is fixed now! Install the app again.

RunScribe Connect IQ app and issues with Stryd

If you are using RunScribe in addition to Stryd, you may run into some problems. You can install the Stryd Power connect IQ app side by side with the RunScribe CIQ data field on your Garmin, but when you configure both data fields, the Stryd sensor may no longer by recognized. It seems that these two CIQ data fields may not be activated at once in an activity profile.

Can I use Strava Live Segments with the Garmin Connect IQ Stryd Zones data field?

The Stryd Zones data field will work with Strava Live Segments in the RUN mode of Garmin watches that support Strava Live Segments. While running you will be able to see both the Strava Live Segment alert and power data from Stryd in real-time.

Click here for Strava's instructions and further details on setting up Strava Live Segments on your Garmin device.

Lap averages in Garmin Connect are different from the Stryd platform

You may notice that a run can show different lap averages across platforms (e.g., Garmin Connect compared to Stryd PowerCenter - see below). The difference between Stryd and Garmin Connect (or any other platform) can be due to how each platform calculates the averages for the duration of the lap.

Some platforms might use second-by-second data to calculate the averages, while others might use total distance divided by the moving time, which is what Stryd uses. The differences become more evident in the short intervals when there are few data points within the sample.

Other reasons for this difference could be that each platform interprets the start and end of a lap relative to a lap button press differently, and whether the platform in question is showing elapsed time averages rather than moving time averages.

Stryd PowerCenter:


Garmin Connect:


Auto-Lap units on Garmin don't match units on Stryd platforms (Kilometers instead of Miles, or vice versa)

If your Auto-Lap units don't match the units you use on your Stryd app or in Power Center you will need to change your Garmin watch settings. You will want your Garmin watch settings to match your Stryd app settings.

If you need to change your distance units in the Stryd mobile app follow these instructions:

1. Open Stryd Mobile app

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on User Profile

4. Click Edit Profile

5. Click Continue

6. Click Distance Units and change it to the desired unit

7. Save your changes

Auto Lap distance will be either 1 km or 1 mi depending on the units you use for Garmin (mi/km). Auto laps only work in run mode, not when executing a workout.

Garmin's Finish Time feature will not record Stryd Power

You are not able to record Power with Garmin's Finish Time.

If you are using Garmin's Finish Time in the native Run Mode, it will open a new screen showing your distance remaining, estimated finish time, and average pace. You are not able to edit the screen to show your ConnectIQ Data field to record Power.

This means when you start your distance target: Power will not be recorded and your finished run will not import into PowerCenter.

Garmin Fenix 2, FR 910XT, or FR 310XT and Stryd

These watches are unique in that they are not supported by our Connect IQ apps. However, there is a workaround that allows Stryd to work as if it is a cycling power meter.

1. Pair Stryd as a power pod

2. Go for a run in cycling mode (pace and distance will come from GPS)

In Garmin Connect, these runs will be labeled as rides. You can manually change the activity type there.

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