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How can I fix connectivity issues between my Garmin and Stryd?
How can I fix connectivity issues between my Garmin and Stryd?
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If you see power drops in your Garmin data, your Garmin watch likely has difficulty maintaining a connection to Stryd. While there could be a hardware problem with your watch, here are some suggestions that have helped other Stryders:

1. Connect your watch to your computer and sync with Garmin Express. When connecting your watch to Garmin Express, you may find that there are updates available for your watch. If so, make sure your watch has the latest versions of all software components. Garmin Express ensures the most reliable install and update experience. Please update with Garmin Express via the computer instead of Garmin Connect Mobile via the phone. Additionally, we recommend to uninstall and reinstall all of Stryd's Connect IQ data fields and Connect IQ apps via Garmin Express. This ensures that apps and data fields are properly installed for best performance.

2. Make sure your Garmin is using one second recording. On your Garmin, go to settings > system > data recording. Disable smart recording and switch to one second recording.

3. For best performance, Stryd should only be paired as an ANT+ foot pod. On your watch, go to Settings > Sensors and Accessories. Look for all paired sensors on your watch. If you see FP-STRYD and/or PWR-STRYD, remove those as they are Bluetooth pairings which we do not recommend. You should only pair Stryd through ANT+. Garmin will show your Stryd as FP-XXXXX, XXXXX being the ANT ID of your Stryd.

4. Remove unused sensors: Your watch will search for every sensor that you have in the Sensor & Accessory menu. You should remove any old, unused pairing such as old heart monitors, foot pods, etc from this menu by selecting the sensor and selecting remove. This will improve your watch's ability to find Stryd. For example, you may only want to leave Stryd connected as an ANT+ foot pod (The connection will show as "FP - XXXXX" where XXXXX is the ANT+ ID) so that you can get pace and distance from STRYD. You can disconnect Stryd as a BLE foot pod, BLE power meter, and ANT+ power pod if you are not using those connections.

5. Switch Stryd to the other side of the body: Some users have noticed that changing the position of Stryd to the other foot helps improve connectivity. in particular, try Stryd on your left foot while wearing your Garmin on the right wrist.

You may find your watch receives data better when Stryd is on the same side of your body as your watch or on the opposite side of the body from the watch. It depends on a runner's unique running style/body positioning. We generally find the opposite side position to work better but this is not universally true for every runner. You should test Stryd on both sides of the body if you are having problems with your watch receiving data from Stryd.

6. Input the ANT+ ID: Input the ANT+ ID of your Stryd into the Stryd Zones data field. Select your watch in this list to for instruction on how to find and input the ID for your Stryd. You should look under the 'Configure Stryd Power data field' heading after you select the article.

7. If you are running indoors, ensure that you are not near a WiFi router: A nearby WiFi router will obstruct your watch's ability to receive ANT+ data. You should move the WiFi router away from your treadmill in order to experience improved ANT+ performance.

If none of the above tips works, your next option is to complete a factory reset on your watch.

8. Factory reset: Some Garmin watches allow restoring to factory default settings. This will erase any Connect IQ apps and data fields, sensors and accessories. After the reset, add your Stryd as a foot pod, set up the Stryd Zones data field on your watch, and enable this data field in the run mode on your watch. Try to see if this helps. You may also need to add the Stryd Workout app.

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