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Stryd and third-party data fields on the Garmin watch
Stryd and third-party data fields on the Garmin watch
Updated over a week ago

Typically, the Stryd system only allows data recorded by Stryd Zones or the Stryd Workout app into the Stryd ecosystem. If you like a certain third-party data field better than Stryd Zones, Stryd recommends adding both Stryd Zones and your preferred third-party data field to make sure your data still transfers to PowerCenter and the Stryd Mobile app.

If you would like to use a third-party data field such as RunPower, you may need to connect Stryd as an ANT+ power pod (not all data fields work the same, Stryd does not guarantee interoperability with any third-party data field).

Note: Not all running watches support power pod connectivity.

If your Garmin watch supports a power sensor pairing, you can pair Stryd as a Power sensor to enable a third-party data field such as RunPower. If you navigate to the Sensor & Accessory menu on your watch, you should see (or create) the following pairing:

PWR - XXXX (where XXXX is the ANT+ ID)

You will not be able to receive pace and distance from Stryd if you choose PWR -XXXX as your Stryd connection.

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