Using Stryd with Zwift

Pair Stryd Pod to Zwift (Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)

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Stryd is compatible with the Zwift app. When you pair Stryd to the Zwift app, the app will only use distance, pace, and cadence from Stryd. You will still be able to see your data in PowerCenter after the run by offline syncing your Stryd.

Note that Zwift uses Bluetooth to connect to your Stryd. This means you must unpair your phone from Stryd since it only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time.

Step 1: Set up Stryd with Zwift

1. Open the Zwift App

2. Create a Zwift Account or Login

3. Select Run (if not already selected)

4. Select Your Stryd Device, and Hit OK

5. Hit OK at the bottom of the App

6. Select Workout and/or Change your Route

7. Start Run


Step 2: Load Zwift Data to PowerCenter Stryd web version

If you have a regular Stryd that records power data (i.e. you are not using Stryd Live), you can use your Stryd with the Zwift platform.

You can get your Zwift data into PowerCenter via three options:

Option 1: Download the FIT file

This option only works if you pair Stryd to Zwift via ANT+ (This trick will not work if you connect Stryd to Zwift via BLE).

Before you start your run on Zwift, you must pair Stryd in a special manner to ensure that Zwift records power data in running. Please tap on the RIDE option on the pairing screen and pair Stryd as a power meter. After Stryd is paired as a power meter, switch back to the RUN option and ensure that Stryd is also paired as a foot pod. Then, you can start your activity.

Zwift will record your run as a FIT file. You can export that file, and import it manually into PowerCenter. Once you save the activity in the Zwift app, it gets uploaded to the Zwift servers. To get the FIT file, you need to log in to your Zwift account on a browser on your computer. From there you can download the FIT file, which you can import into PowerCenter (also on the computer).

Option 2: Upload the Stryd data after the run

You can use the Stryd app on your phone to upload data directly from Stryd: Manually uploading data to your Phone and PowerCenter

Option 3: Zwift app for supported Garmin watches

If you have a Garmin sports watch, you can run with the Zwift app and watch at the same time. Garmin data can flow automatically into PowerCenter.

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