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Old Stryd Hardware FAQ

Stryd LIVE. Stryd Pioneer. Stryd Chest Strap.

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Stryd Live

Stryd Live was a pace/distance-only version of Stryd, intended for usage with Zwift Running.

Stryd Live reported pace, distance, and cadence.

Stryd Live is no longer available for sale.

Can I upgrade Stryd Live into a regular Stryd pod?

Yes, please contact us and we can help assist you.

Can I use Stryd Live outside?

Stryd Live works great on the treadmill with Zwift, but can also be used outside with a compatible sports watch (such as Garmin Forerunner 735, etc.). You need to connect Stryd Live to your watch as a foot pod, and optionally force the watch to use Stryd Live for distance and pace.

There are apps for your phone that can be used to track your run data and may allow the use of Stryd Live as a foot pod. Many runners like iSmoothRun to record their activities, which can get pace and distance from Stryd Live (instructions to setup iSmoothRun with Stryd)

The Stryd phone app is currently not able to connect or record your run with Stryd Live.

The full-featured Stryd offers power measurements, which allows runners to improve their training and performance using power.

Stryd Pioneer (chest mounted)

The original Stryd Pioneer is mounted on the chest and measures and records heart rate, cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and, of course, power.

The new Stryd is worn on the shoe and measures distance, pace, cadence, ground contact time, power, and two new efficiency metrics. The first is Form Power (FP). Form Power is a measurement of the amount of power that Is produced to maintain the runner’s form, but is not put towards the metabolic cost of running forward. The second is Leg Spring Stiffness (LSS). Leg Spring Stiffness is a measure of running efficiency and how well the runner recycles the energy that they apply to running. LSS is correlated with running performance.

Both Stryd devices have been validated with 3D motion capture cameras, force-plate treadmills, and VO2-Max testing.

Can I still use the Stryd Pioneer Chest Strap with the Stryd software ecosystem?

The initial hardware release of Stryd® (now called Stryd Pioneer) was only available for a very limited release. Stryd quickly transitioned to a foot pod hardware version for increased reliability and opportunity for biomechanical data collection. The updated body location enables Stryd® to provide industry-leading training data to our users which cannot be replicated at chest or wrist locations. The foot pod hardware (currently both non-wind and wind hardware versions) is the only format currently compatible with the Stryd® software ecosystem, which includes the Stryd Mobile App, Apple Watch app, Stryd® Workout app for Garmin devices, and PowerCenter for desktops.

I have a new battery but my Stryd Pioneer will not turn on

We will fix this! Please follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Pioneer and a coin (a larger coin like a quarter works best).

  2. Unscrew the battery cap on the back side of the Pioneer.

  3. Remove the battery from the cap.

  4. Look inside the Pioneer. You will see four 'gold leaves' on the backside. Use your coin to gently pry these leaves up, so they are not touching the back side of the device.

  5. Grab the battery and place it in the device upside down. So, the side with the lettering will face down into the device. Gently move the battery around.

  6. Let the battery fall out of the device.

  7. Place the battery in the cap the correct way. Screw the cap back in.

  8. Touch the pins on the back side of the Stryd Pioneer. The lights will start blinking as usual. You are ready to run.

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