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Garmin PWR Pairings to Stryd® Causing Distance Errors
Garmin PWR Pairings to Stryd® Causing Distance Errors
Updated over a week ago

Garmin's most recent firmware for all watches will automatically sense and prompt you to pair your Stryd with your Garmin watch for the first time. This can be a recurring prompt when a user navigates to "Run" mode on the watch. The watch asks if you would like to add a "PWR" pod.

This is not the recommended way of connecting to Stryd. We strongly recommend selecting "No" and following these steps to pair Stryd correctly as a foot pod. Pairing as a PWR pod, or as both a PWR pod and a FP can cause problems, particularly with pace and distance tracking.

To check for and remove the PWR pod connection to Stryd:

1) Access your watch settings menu.

2)Select "Sensors and Accessories".

3) Look through your list of added sensors for one that reads "PWR-Stryd" or "PWR-(number)".

4) If there is not a PWR connection, exit the menu to the watch face. If there is a PWR connection, select it.

5) Scroll through the PWR settings to the bottom and select "Remove"

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