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Stryd Zones Data Fields FAQ
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How can I view my Stryd power data when executing a structured workouts in the native activity mode on my watch?

You should add the Stryd Zones data field to the activity mode on your watch to view running power from Stryd and how you are adhering to your power targets.

What do the notes mean when I import a power-based workout from Stryd's platform to my Garmin watch?

You can ignore the Workout Notes screens when starting a structured workout and scroll directly to the Stryd Zones data field.

These notes activate functionality in the Stryd Zones data field but do not contain any essential information for you.

How can I update to the latest version of the Stryd Zones data field?

  1. Open up the Connect IQ store app on your phone

    1. If you do not have a Connect IQ app on your phone, please install it by using one of the following links.

  2. Tap on My Device in the bottom right hand corner

  3. Tap on My Data Fields

  4. Select Stryd Zones | Data Field

  5. Accept any updates available on this screen.

    1. If there are no updates available, you are using the latest version of the Stryd Zones data field.

How can I get two power fields and zones on my Garmin watch?

Most newer Garmin watches can provide Stryders with two power fields. For example, you can have real-time power and lap power on the watch, in addition to having zone information.

Make sure that you follow the instructions to Add Stryd Zones to your Garmin watch.

When you use Stryd Zones Data Fields, you will see 3 metrics: 2 power fields and power zones. By default, Stryd Zones shows Average Lap Power and Real-Time Power.

If you want any other Garmin metrics, you can change the layout of the data screen on the watch, but Stryd Zones will then only show 1 power metric and power zone information.

If you want other Stryd metrics, you will want to consider using the Stryd Workout app instead. The Stryd Workout app has more options to customize the Stryd metrics you see in real-time while running.

Sync Failed Wrong Username message for Stryd Zones

You will receive this message if your username has been input wrong. Please go back into the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Connect to your watch with GCM, and go to Activity, Apps & More > Data Fields. You will see Stryd Zones, and you can change the settings of the Stryd Zones data field. Input your correct username (not case-sensitive).

You can find your Stryd username in PowerCenter and in the Stryd app on your phone.

Connect IQ! Error message in the Garmin Power Field

If you get the IQ! symbol on your Garmin watch instead of your normal power reading, something is wrong with your Garmin watch. These are the recommended steps to troubleshoot your Garmin:

1. Restart the Garmin (depending on the watch, you may need to power it off / on).

2. Follow the Garmin instruction manual to restore factory defaults on your Garmin watch. This will remove any Connect IQ app and remove all your personal settings. Then, reinstall the Stryd Zones Connect IQ app using the Connect IQ app on your phone.

3. Do not install any other data fields other than Stryd Zones. Other Connect IQ apps and data fields may interfere with Stryd Zones

4. If you cannot restore factory defaults on your watch, uninstall all Connect IQ apps from Garmin Express, and reinstall Stryd Zones.

GCM message in Stryd Zones data field or the Stryd Workout app

When you see the abbreviation GCM, know that it stands for Garmin Connect Mobile. This is the app on your phone needed to connect to your Garmin watch. This app is required for some Stryd features. Typically, you simply open Garmin Connect on your phone and the issue will go away.

What does “Must Sync Watch With GCM On Phone” mean?
You will most likely receive this message when you first open the Stryd Zones data field. To sync your watch you must do the following:

  1. Open up the Garmin Connect Mobile app

  2. You will see a syncing icon near the top right corner

  3. If this icon is grayed out, you must enable Bluetooth on your phone.

  4. If there is a plus icon instead of a syncing icon, you must connect your watch to your phone.

  5. Tap this icon and your watch will begin to sync with your phone

Add Visual Zone Bar and Numerical Zone information to the Garmin watch

When using a compatible Garmin watch, you can see not only your Stryd power number but also your Stryd Power Zone information while running. The zone information is calculated based on your Critical Power. This means that if your Critical Power changes, your power zones change as well.

You must use the Stryd Zones data field to see Power Zone information.

Numerical Zone: Stryd uses a 5-zone system. When enabling Numeric Zone, the Stryd data field will show the number of the zone on your watch (1 - 5) while running.

Visual Zone Bar: when setting up your watch, you must have one Garmin Data Screen dedicated to Stryd Zones (i.e. you cannot combine Stryd Zones with other data fields). The Visual Zone Bar will appear on the left of the Garmin screen and visually show your zone information.

Below are the instructions to enable both the Visual Zone Bar and Numeric Zone information. You can also use Garmin Express on your computer to configure Stryd Zones (similar procedure):


Critical Power and Stryd Zone information not updating on Garmin watches

The Stryd ecosystem will calculate and update your Critical Power and your Power Zone information on a daily basis. The updated information should automatically transfer to your Garmin watch if you have the Stryd Zones data field installed on your watch.

We sometimes see that Garmin is not grabbing the critical power and power zone information from our servers. If that happens to you, open up Garmin Connect on your phone and make sure it can find your Garmin. Then, keep Garmin Connect open and on top of your phone and avoid that the screen of the phone switches off (keep the phone active). Do this for a maximum of 30 minutes, the watch will get the correct information from our servers.

Different power averaging for Stryd Zones data field in run mode on Garmin

If you install Stryd Zones to get the power data field on your watch, you can modify the data you see on that screen.

Per default, the power data field shows real-time power. You can change that to be 3s, 10s, 30s, lap, or overall average.

If you running in hilly terrain, or change your pace frequently in a run, real-time power likely will work best for you since longer averages require more time for power to update on the watch.

However, some runners prefer to have a longer average since power can fluctuate a bit from second to second. To change the data field settings, go into Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. This video is for Garmin Connect Mobile on an Android phone (the iOS version is slightly different).


After making the change, sync your watch again to update the settings on the watch.

Stryd Zones data field | Force an update

1. Please open up the Garmin Connect app on either your iOS or Android device.
2. Select your watch in the top right-hand corner.
3. Select 'Activities, App & More'
4. Select 'Data Fields'
5. Select 'Stryd Zones' & select update if an update is available.
6. After your watch has synced, you should configure the data field with your desired power averaging.

How to share a crash log for a Connect IQ app/data field

STEP 1: Connect Device

Plug in your watch and wait for it to register in your Finder or Explorer folder, and then locate your watch.

Step 2: Find your device's App Folder


You should be able to find your device by opening the file explorer and seeing your device’s name on the left side of the window view..

Follow the path: Primary >> Garmin >> Apps



You will need to install the app “Android File Transfer”.

After installing, connect your Garmin device and a window should automatically open with your device contents, then select “Garmin >> Apps”

STEP 3: Find the Log Files

Right Click and copy the folder named ‘Log’

Step 4: Copy logs

Paste onto desktop

Step 5: Send the crash logs back to the Stryd team

Email Stryd support.

Remove Stryd Zones data field from my Garmin

On your Garmin watch*, go to Settings > Activites & Apps > Run > Run Settings > Data Screens.

Hit the top right button to edit the data screens. Scroll to the field which shows Stryd power. Select that field by hitting the top right button. Select a metric such a distance (not any of the Connect IQ options).

Make sure to leave one of the Stryd data fields on your watch for Stryd to work properly.

These instructions are based on a Garmin FR645. Other watches may have slightly different naming and buttons but will have similar functions.

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