Getting started with Stryd Duo
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What is Stryd Duo?

Stryd Duo is a dual-sided running power meter delivering the new Stryd Footpath and new Stryd Duo left-right running balance metrics. Read more about Stryd Duo >

How to get started with Stryd Duo

First, pair your Stryd Duo in the Stryd mobile app

This will setup your Stryd Duo for first-time use.

Second, pair your Stryd Duo with your watch

Pair with your Garmin, Polar, Suunto, COROS, or Wahoo watch

Pairing Stryd Duo with your watch activates Stryd Duo while you run.

Pair with with Apple Watch

Since you have already paired Stryd Duo with the Stryd app, you are ready to go for your first run with Stryd Duo. Open up the Stryd app on your Apple Watch and start a run!

After the run, sync your Stryd Footpath from Stryd Duo & view it on Stryd PowerCenter

Syncing Stryd Footpath brings the footpath visualization into your account for analysis.

How to provide feedback on using Stryd Duo

For customer support questions, please send us a message.

For training-related & racing-related questions, please make a post in the Stryd Community on Facebook.

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