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My Garmin data is not showing up in Stryd PowerCenter
My Garmin data is not showing up in Stryd PowerCenter
Updated over a week ago

Stryd PowerCenter only accepts run data that has power metrics coming from Stryd. If you are using a compatible Garmin watch, you can link your Garmin Connect account to PowerCenter. If your data is not showing up in PowerCenter, check the following:

  1. PowerCenter works best with Chrome.

  2. Make sure your watch is compatible with Stryd. Check here whether your device is on the list, and setup correctly (i.e. you have access to the Stryd Workout app or Stryd Zones data field on your watch).

  3. In Stryd PowerCenter, check that your Garmin Connect account is connected. Choose the settings icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Under the 'Import From' section, connect your Garmin Connect account (note: the button will turn green when connected).

  4. When you go for a run, take note of whether you see any power number other than 0.

  5. After your run, sync your watch using Garmin Connect. Does the Stryd Power data show up there? You can see your power data by selecting a run where you used Stryd, scrolling down, and view charts such as Power IQ, Cadence IQ, etc.

  6. If you see those IQ charts, check if below the icon of your watch on the right-hand side of the screen. You should see the Stryd logo, which indicates Stryd is the source of the IQ data. If you have many apps on your watch, Garmin may not capture the Stryd data. If you see a different icon, try removing IQ apps from your watch.

  7. PowerCenter will only accept data if the watch is used in run mode (both outdoor and indoor). If you record with the watch in bike or other modes, you may get Stryd power on your watch, but the data will be rejected from PowerCenter.

  8. Something might be wrong with your credentials to get information from Garmin Connect. Disconnect Garmin Connect in PowerCenter, and reestablish the connection. Future runs should sync from Garmin Connect to PowerCenter.

Note that any changes in settings only affect future runs, old data is never automatically synced with PowerCenter.

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