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How do I use 80/20 Run or Triathlon Plans through TrainingPeaks with Stryd?
How do I use 80/20 Run or Triathlon Plans through TrainingPeaks with Stryd?
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Stryd and 80/20 Endurance have worked closely together to provide you with the best possible experience when you use an 80/20 Power-based training plan that you want to execute within Stryd's workout tools. 80/20 plans can be imported to Stryd's ecosystem by the process shown here. Below are the steps you can take to get set up for a seamless training experience.

Determine your Threshold

For Stryd users who are following an 80/20 Run or Triathlon Plan using Run Power and receiving structured workouts in TrainingPeaks it is recommended to follow the run power testing protocol as defined in 80/20 | Intensity Guidelines for Running for determining your power zones, specifically their recommendations under “Simultaneous Threshold Testing” and “Talk Test”.

Once you have completed your power test and know your 80/20 run power threshold you should have entered this into your TrainingPeaks zone settings following the instructions outlined here: 80/20 | Understanding Your Structured Workout Plan.

Align your Thresholds in Powercenter with TrainingPeaks

The Stryd platform will provide users with an Auto-Calculated Critical Power (CP) by default. However, if you are following an 80/20 training plan and using either the Stryd Workout App for the Garmin watch or the Stryd Apple Watch app to perform the 80/20 structured workout then you should disable Auto-Calculated CP in the Stryd mobile app and manually set your Stryd CP to match the threshold run power (rFTP) being used in TrainingPeaks. If the threshold run power used in TrainingPeaks does not match your Stryd CP then your power targets for workouts shown in your Stryd account and on your watch will be different than what is prescribed in TrainingPeaks.

Monitor Fitness Changes with the Power Duration Curve

While Auto-Calculated Critical Power is disabled, your Power Duration Curve will still constantly and automatically update with your latest running achievements, so we encourage users to continue to reference this as their training progresses even though changes will not automatically be reflected in your Critical Power. Changes in your Power Duration Curve might indicate it is time to re-test your thresholds using the 80/20 protocol.

If you have additional questions, please check out our other support pages at, contact us at [email protected].

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