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Ironman and half Ironman race power
Ironman and half Ironman race power

What should be my half-Ironman or full-Ironman run power target? How can I use Stryd in a triathlon?

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You should make sure your critical power (rFTP) is up to date and accurate. For road running events marathon distance or shorter, your power target is easy to calculate as a percentage of CP.

When doing an Ironman, your power target will be lower as you already spent energy during the swim and ride. There are a few options:

1. During your training cycle, do a critical power test after a long bike ride. That will allow you to get an adjusted CP value that you can then use for your race (i.e. 89% of CP for the marathon distance).

2. Various coaches have a method to set a power target. Below image is from Chris Hague:


3. Some more helpful links:

Racing webinar with Coach Chris Hague:

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