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Suunto Spartan and Suunto 9 Ultra Power Zones
Suunto Spartan and Suunto 9 Ultra Power Zones
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With the 2.0.42 upgrade, Suunto added Power Zones to the Spartan Ultra and Suunto 9. Stryd will automatically calculate your power zones, but this information does not transfer automatically to Suunto.

On your watch, you need to go into Settings > Training > Intensity Zones > Advanced Zones > Running > Power Zones

Once in Power Zones, you need to set each zone. Starting at Zone 5, you will enter your highest power value from each PowerCenter zone onto your watch. In the example below Zone 2 would be entered as 257. Note: You will only enter four values, the border between the 5 Stryd power zones.

The Stryd power zones can be found in the Stryd app and Below is the screenshot from the profile page from PowerCenter. Note that your zones change each time your critical power is adjusted. You may need to update the zones on a regular basis.


In addition, you can set up power intensity targets. To do this, before you start your run you will need to go into Options before you start your run. You can enter Options by swiping up just before you start your activity:


Once you entered options, select Intensity Zones > Power and then, optionally, the zone you'd like to stay within.


You will need to adjust the display of your watch with the Suunto app.

1. Open up Suunto App on your phone and select the watch icon (top right of the screen).

2. Select "Sport Mode Modification".

3. Either edit or create a sport mode.

4. Select a display to change and scroll through the various options and select "Intensity Zones". You can have two additional metrics in addition to 3-second power and the zone.

5. Save the changes and sync the watch.

Now, when you go for a run and scroll to the "Intensity Zones" display, you will see your current running power as well as the zone in which you are running. If you enabled power intensity targets, you will be alerted when entering into a zone higher or lower than your target.

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