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FAQ: Training Plan Library, Builder, & Analyzer Launch
FAQ: Training Plan Library, Builder, & Analyzer Launch
Updated over a week ago

Q: Can I still use the 5K to Marathon ‘Stryd Recommended’ training plans?

A: Yes, that flow can be accessed via the Training Plan tab and selecting ‘Stryd Recommends’ option.

Q: Why should I maintain my Stryd Membership if you’ve made Stryd Plans available to everyone?

A: The Stryd Membership is designed to provide a guided, professional, and fun training experience with the introduction of the new Training Plan Library, Builder, & Manager. It is easy to create a training plan that fits your schedule, manage & view your training progress, and store your favorite training plans with this release. This feature launch was designed based on the feedback we heard from our Stryd Members to fulfill their biggest training needs.

Q: What is the difference between the Race Power Predictor Table (available to everyone) and the Race Power Calculator (available only in the Stryd Membership)?

A: The Race Power Predictor table is based on set parameters such as temperature, humidity, elevation but assumes you will race on a flat course. The Race Power Calculator gives you more control over your race planning because it allows you to set custom distances, differences in training vs racing temperature, humidity, elevation, course profile as well as track your power and estimated time over the course of your training.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Stryd Membership?

A: You can learn more about the value of the Stryd Membership at the following URL:

Q: What other updates do you have planned for Stryd Membership?

A: The Stryd Team is always innovating on new features & delivers those features as they are ready. Please stay tuned for more feature announcements.

Q: Why are the Training Plan Library, Builder, & Manager only available on the Stryd mobile app?

A: When we set out to create these features, we wanted to create tools that were lightweight and easy to use. We believe this is best accomplished on the mobile app.

Q: When will the Training Plan Library, Builder, & Manager be available on the iOS version of the Stryd mobile app?

A: The update to the iOS version of the Stryd mobile app is in the final stages of testing and will be available as soon as it is ready.

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