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Who is Stryd Membership for? Is it Worth it?
Who is Stryd Membership for? Is it Worth it?
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If you are an athlete uncertain about whether or not Stryd Membership is right for you, this article is designed to help you understand what the Stryd Membership offers. For a more complete breakdown of all of the features included in each membership option, see our Features Table here: Stryd Membership Options and Features Table for New Users

“Stryd is (or will be) the only training platform that I plan all of my training and I am happy with Stryd's free training plans”

Stryd offers a comprehensive training solution to all Stryd users. Regardless of Stryd Membership status, all Stryders have access to all pre-built training plans from 5k to Marathon distance as well as base training plans. The training plans are "static" and cannot be changed without the paid Stryd Membership, but they do adapt based on your fitness level.

“Stryd is (or will be) the only training platform and I want to build, control and customize my training plan”

Stryd Membership offers tools that are ideal for athletes that want to build their own workouts and training plans within the Stryd ecosystem. With the Stryd Membership, you have access to features such as the Workout Builder, customized workout Libraries, and Training Plan Builder that allow you to control and customize your own training schedule.

“I use another training platform in conjunction with Stryd, such as TrainingPeaks or Final Surge”

If you’re an athlete who receives your training from a coach or already subscribes to the premium services offered by TrainingPeaks or Final Surge, then Stryd Membership may or may not be right for you. Stryd Membership will offer some of the same features a premium subscription to these third-party platforms will (such as a workout builder or coach training plans), but ultimately there are proprietary features offered by Stryd Membership that are not offered by these other training platforms (such as our Race Power Calculator and the Training Distribution add-on for the Power Duration Curve). We recommend this group of users consult our complete feature breakdown Stryd Membership Options and Features Table for New Users to weigh your options.

“I am a very data-driven athlete who keeps close tabs on my metrics”

Regardless of whether you use another training platform or not in addition to Stryd, if you are a highly data-driven athlete, then Stryd Membership will be for you. Advanced Insights and trends based on your last 90 days of training, the Stryd Race Power Calculator, and the Training Distribution add-on to the Power Duration Curve will make Stryd Membership perfect for you.

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