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What are the features of the Stryd Training Plan Analyzer?
What are the features of the Stryd Training Plan Analyzer?
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This article will provide an overview of the information shown on the Training Plan Analyzer page of the Stryd Mobile App.

NOTE: Only those with the Stryd Membership will be able to access the Training Plan Analyzer.

Running Stress

The Running Stress chart will show you how much Running Stress you have left to go in that particular week compared to the planned amount. Once you begin accumulating RSS for that week you will begin to see the bar chart fill with orange.

Example of what to expect when you first begin your plan without logging any runs:


Example of a Running Stress chart during Week 5 of a 9-week plan:


Note: Positive values indicate how much you have gone over the planned weekly RSS and the negative values indicate how far below you are from the planned RSS for that week.

Training Conditions


Shows the average from the last 90 days determined by finding the local temperature and humidity conditions based on your location for each run.

Power Duration Curve


This chart shows the predicted Power Duration Curve from the plan (white) compared to your current Power Duration Curve (orange).

Weekly Overview

The weekly overview defaults to "This Week" but you can change this to show previous or future weeks of the training plan. The weekly overview will show you the training sessions scheduled for that particular week so you can see what's coming up or make quick edits to the planned sessions.

At the top of the weekly view, you will see letters indicating the day of the week (M for Monday; T for Tuesday...) with colored blocks below them. The color of each block indicates the type of session scheduled:

Grey = Easy, Blue = Workout, Green = Long Run, and "R" = Rest Day

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