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Compatible watches with Stryd
Sigma Sport Compatibility with Stryd
Sigma Sport Compatibility with Stryd

Are Sigma Sport watches compatible with Stryd?

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Sigma Sport Watches have limited Stryd compatibility. They do not provide Stryd Exported Workouts. We recommend other more compatible watch brands.

Setting up your Sigma Sport watch (iD.FREE and iD.TRI)

These instructions are for the following Sigma Sport watches: iD.FREE and iD.TRI

  1. Hit the top right button to enter into the Sigma Sport watch menu.​

  2. Select the bottom right button and scroll to Settings. Hit the top right button to enter the menu

  3. Select Connection > Sensors > Search for Sensors

  4. Sigma Sport watches can pair with Stryd through Bluetooth and ANT+. Stryd will only advertise itself through ANT+ when moved. Either ANT+ or Bluetooth will work well.

  5. If you have multiple Stryds, make sure to take your watch and Stryd and move out of range of your other Stryd(s). This may be as much as 100 meters (Stryd's Bluetooth range). Sigma watches will list all devices within range and it is not easy to distinguish each Stryd.

  6. You can configure the watch from your computer or phone. These instructions are for the phone. Open up Sigma LINK on your phone.

  7. Select the three horizontal lines (top left of the screen). Select My Devices.​

  8. Select your Sigma Sport watch. Then, on the bottom half of the screen, swipe to the left. You will be able to select Sport Profile.

  9. Select Sport Profile > Running. Select any page where you would like to see your Stryd power. You can select up to three metrics per page. Sigma Sport has many options to display Stryd power (such as real-time, lap average, average, etc.).

  10. Once you have configured the data fields, sync the watch.

  11. Go for a run! Note that Sigma will show Stryd power but will still rely on its GPS for pace and distance.

Importing Sigma Sport data into the Stryd platform

Currently, there is no way to automatically import Sigma Sport FIT files into the Stryd platform. However, you can export the FIT file from Sigma and import it into the Stryd ecosystem.

  1. You can only export Sigma Sport data from SIGMA DATA CENTER on your computer.

  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, select Activities. Then, select the run you wish to export.

  3. Select Menu (top right) > Data Export. The File Format must be FIT.

  4. Once you have the FIT file saved to your computer, use PowerCenter to import the Sigma data.

  5. Sigma Sport only records Stryd power and not the advanced Stryd metrics. However, those data are still stored on your Stryd and you can use the Stryd app on your phone to upload the Stryd data. The Stryd servers will attempt to merge the data into one data set.

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