Power Zones

What are Stryd Power Zones? How do I use Power Zones?

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Stryd Power Zones is an easy way to know what your real-time metabolic effort is regardless of external conditions. At a glance, you will know if you are in Zone 1 through Zone 5. This can be vital in any workout to help you maintain the right effort for any course, path, or trail.

Zone 1 can be used for easy runs, long runs, and other base mileage training. Zone 2 can be used for Marathon simulation workouts and other tempo training. Zone 3 can be used for longer intervals and 10k workouts. Zone 4 can be used for intervals and 5k training. Zone 5 can be used for short intervals, sprints, and fast track workouts.

Power Zones explained

Each of these five zones is directly correlated to a metabolic training zone and using these zones to workout will improve your fitness! Power zones are broken up into five ranges:


An example of how to use zone 1 might be… a runner with a CP of 252 watts has a zone 1 range of 164 - 202 W. Their easy run may be approximately 190 W +/- 5 W, near the top of the zone, while a recovery run may be near the bottom of the zone at 170 W +/- 5W.

As you train with Stryd, use Power Zones to help guide your session after taking note of where you feel comfortable within each zone for a targeted intensity.

Please note that in order to have accurate Power Zones, you will need to have an accurate Critical Power.

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