Shoe Tagging Feature

How do I retire a shoe? Add a shoe.

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The Stryd app allows you to track how many miles you have put on your shoes.

Step #1: Access the run details in the Stryd app

Open the Stryd app. Then, select Settings (top right of the main screen) and then select Shoes.

Step #2: Add a shoe

Select the "Plus" button in the upper right-hand corner to add a shoe

Select a shoe brand and shoe model to add it to your account(If you do not see your shoe, tap the "Other Brand" or "Other Model" button at the bottom of the page. You can request your shoe brand and model there).

Step #2.5: (Optional) Set a default shoe

Once your shoe is entered into the Stryd app, you can set it as your default so it is automatically tagged to future runs. You can manage this setting when adding the shoe on the screen where you can add a nickname for the shoe. Additionally, on iOS you can swipe left on a shoe to see this option, and on Android you can accomplish the same with a long press.

Step #3: Tag a workout

Great! A shoe is in your account. Now, you need to go back to a recent run to add that shoe. On the calendar view select the run for which you want to select a shoe.

Step #4: Tag your run

Select the 3 dots on the top right to open the menu. Select Edit, and then select the shoe you used.

Step #5: View your shoe mileage

You will be able to see the mileage you have on each of your shoes if you go back to the settings menu!

Step #6: Retire a Shoe

  1. Open up the Stryd Mobile app

  2. Head to settings

  3. Select Shoes

  4. For Android hold down on the shoe you wish to retire or for iPhone swipe to the left

  5. Choose Retire

  6. Now that shoe will show up under the Retired Shoe list on the app

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