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How to use Stryd Footpath with Stryd Duo

How can I see the footpath data? Where can I find the footpath data?

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Note: These instructions will only work if you have Stryd Duo and the Stryd membership.

How to auto-sync Stryd Footpath data from Stryd Duo

The Stryd Duo is now capable of auto-syncing your footpath data. To access this new feature, you must update the Stryd app on your mobile device and ensure that your Stryd Duo pods have firmware version or higher.

After you complete a run, ensure the run successfully saves to your Stryd app. Then follow these instructions to ensure the auto-sync feature is working properly:

  1. Open the Stryd app

  2. Select Settings

  3. Scroll down and select “Footpath Sync Settings”

  4. Ensure that “Enable Footpath Sync” is toggled on

Note: The auto-sync feature will only work when the Stryd app opens. The Stryd team recommends that you open the Stryd app after every run to allow the auto-sync to occur.

How to tell if auto-sync is working

  1. After a run, open the Stryd mobile app

  2. Make sure that your Stryd Duo’s are close by

  3. Check the top left corner of the app

  4. Notice next to the pod icon that there is a foot icon

  5. If the foot icon shows a progress wheel, the footpath is currently being auto-synced

If you want to see at a glance whether your footpath data from past runs was successfully uploaded you can check the Stryd app calendar.

The foot icon will only be shown for run files that contain footpath data.

How to Manually sync Stryd Footpath data from Stryd Duo

  1. Make sure that your Stryd Duo is close by

  2. Open the Stryd app on your phone

  3. Tap the "Stryd Duo" icon on the main page of the app

  4. Tap the "Footpath Sync" in the menu

  5. Once you are notified that the sync was a success you will be able to see Stryd Footpath in Stryd PowerCenter

  6. Open Stryd PowerCenter in your web browser

  7. You can then find this data in the tab called “Footpath Visualization”

How to use Stryd Footpath

How to use the Stryd Footpath tool on Stryd PowerCenter

Right now, you can compare the footpaths from two different runs, or you can compare your right and left footpaths from a single run.

  1. Open Stryd PowerCenter and click on the Stryd Footpath tab

  2. Select the Add Run button and then choose the run you would like to analyze

  3. Then Stryd Footpath will load to the center screen

You will be able to use the analytics tools to visualize footpath data from each foot and two different runs. The analytics you can visualize are:

  1. Left footpath - Orange lines

  2. Right footpath - Blue lines

  3. Side view footpath

  4. Top view footpath

  5. Back view footpath

  6. Balance data

  7. Custom Stryd metrics from the run

How to use the Stryd Footpath data

Your evaluation of your Stryd Footpath data should primarily be focused on identifying how your footpath changes across activities or during an activity. You should associate the context of your run to understand the cause of the changes and, then, determine if those changes are beneficial for your running goals.

Here are a few different ways you can leverage this data to enhance your run.

  • Injury: Track your recovery process by quantifying subtle changes in your footpath as you recover from an injury.

  • Fatigue: Monitor how and when you fatigue in and across your runs so you can tailor your training to combat fatigue.

  • Drills: Quantify and visualize the impact of your drills on your footpath to determine if they are providing the intended benefits.

  • Footwear: Observe how different shoe choices reshape your footpath and impact your running.

  • Performance: Visualize your footpath to determine personalized indicators of how your footpath changes as your performance transforms.

A collection of back views of Stryd Footpath from different runners

You can see a collection of back views from different runners above.

Keep in mind that your footpath is as individual as your fingerprint. The aim is to understand how to leverage the insights from the Stryd Footpath to further your own running ambitions, not to replicate the footpath patterns of others.

We invite you to subscribe to the Stryd YouTube channel for demos and tutorials on using Stryd Footpath data.

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