Final Surge and Stryd

How to sync Final Surge to Stryd? How to use Final Surge and Stryd?

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Stryd users can import power-based Structured Workouts from Final Surge to their Stryd account and execute the workout on their compatible Apple Watch or Garmin watch.

Step 1: Connect Final Surge to the Stryd App

Follow the steps below to connect your Stryd account with Final Surge. These steps will allow you to import structured workouts from Final Surge to your Stryd account.

  1. Open Stryd on your mobile device and choose Settings (Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner)

  2. From the list of options, choose Connected Accounts.

  3. Select Final Surge from the list.

  4. Follow the directions provided by the redirect to the Final Surge website. When asked about permissions, allow the platform to send and receive data with Stryd.

  5. When redirected back to the Stryd app, select your preferences for allowing workouts to import into Stryd and workouts to export to your training platform (NOTE: if your training platform is linked with other accounts such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Suunto App, etc., the "Export Activities To" function may result in workout duplications when toggled on).

Note: If you have previously connected your Final Surge account with Stryd, you must reauthorize the connection for workout sync to function. This means that you should first disconnect your account and then reconnect it following the steps above.

Manually Sync Workouts from Final Surge to your Stryd App

Stryd automatically syncs workouts from your other training platforms and software twice daily. If you recently modified a workout in Final Surge, that change can take several hours to appear on the Stryd App.

Upcoming workouts can only be managed in the platform in which they are generated. This means if a workout has been imported from Final Surge, the workout must be deleted or modified on the Final Surge website. After modifying a workout, these changes will automatically sync to your Stryd calendar or can be manually synced.

Here are the instructions to sync your Final Surge calendar to the Stryd app manually:

  1. Open Stryd on your mobile device and choose Settings (Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner)

  2. From the list of options, choose Connected Accounts.

  3. Select Final Surge from the list.

  4. Next, select ‘Manually Sync Workouts’. Stryd automatically syncs workouts from your Final Surge account twice daily. If you recently modified a workout, that change can take several hours to appear on Stryd. For an immediate update, make sure to manually sync.

Step 2: Setting your rFTPw in Final Surge

This value on Final Surge will not automatically update as your Critical Power in the Stryd app updates. This means that you will need to periodically update this value in Final Surge.

  1. Go to your Final Surge account.

  2. Select Workouts from the top of the page.

  3. Select HR/Power/Pace Zones.

  4. Under "Add new Activity Zone" select "Power Zone (watts)".

  5. Then select "Continue".

  6. Under "Activity Type" select "Run".

  7. Then select "Continue".

  8. You will then be able to enter your Stryd Critical Power into the rFTP box.

  9. You will also want to adjust the default Final Surge Power Zones to the 5 Stryd Power Zones.

  10. Once the Final Surge Power information matches the Stryd Power information, you can select "Save".

Step 3: Create a Structured Workout on Final Surge

The Stryd app will only import workouts that are Power-Based, so if you plan to make workouts in Final Surge for Stryd, be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Open your Final Surge account on your desktop computer, and then enter beta mode.

  2. You will be brought to the main window, select the workout library icon on the right

  3. This will open up the workout library pane, at the bottom select 'Add Library Workout'

  4. Name your workout and then select the menu option on the save button.

  5. Select 'Save and Open Workout Builder'

  6. Select the workout target to be power.

  7. Here you will be able to add segments and blocks to your liking. For each segment select '+ Power Target'

  8. This will open up the input boxes to allow you to set power targets.

  9. Add and configure all of your segments and then select 'SAVE'.

  10. You will be brought back to the main calendar, and from there drag and drop your workouts where you want.

Final Surge features that are not available in Stryd

The Stryd app is incredibly robust, however, there are a few workout builder features that are not available in the Stryd app that are available in Final Surge. If you accidentally try and import a workout that contains one of these features that Stryd does not support, the workout will not be able to import to the Stryd app.

Please see the list of unsupported features below:

Text Box workouts are invalid

The workout must be a true structured workout built in the third-party platform's "Workout Builder" function, using blocks, as shown below. Typing a structured workout into a description text box is invalid.

Double-nested repeats are invalid

Double-nested repeats are not accepted. This means repeats within a repeat, as shown below:


Ramped Intervals are invalid

Workouts that contain ramped intervals are not accepted in the Stryd ecosystem.


The quantity of future workouts is limited

Workouts from third-party platforms will only be imported up to one week in advance. If a workout is scheduled 10 days from the current date, it will not appear until it is within 7 or fewer days. Stryd Training Plans are an exception to this limitation.

Differences between Final Surge workout and Stryd workouts

Not all details of workouts created by Final Surge will transfer into the Stryd ecosystem through the workout sync. This is a brief discussion of what to expect and how to make sure your workouts transfer the way you want them to.

The two pieces of data to consider in the workout are the goal power for each workout block. This data is shown in PowerCenter as % CP and as the watt value or range that percentage translates to.

Power-based workouts from Final Surge import to PowerCenter using the watt values, not the percentage ranges. This means the watt ranges of a workout in Final Surge will look the same in PowerCenter, but the % CP will be different than the % FTP if FTP and CP are different numbers.


If the values on the Stryd app or PowerCenter do not match the values in Final Surge, please make sure that you go back to Step 2 and set your rFTP value to your Critical Power value.

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