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My "trained at" elevation/temperature is incorrect in the Race Power Calculator
My "trained at" elevation/temperature is incorrect in the Race Power Calculator
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There are various possibilities if you find that the "trained at" temperature, elevation, and humidity are incorrect.

1. Only your hard runs are considered for the race power calculator. If your max effort runs were done in different environmental conditions than most other runs, you may see different than expected temperature, elevation, and humidity when you predict a race time. For example, if you live in Boulder but regularly travel to sea level where you do hard workouts, the "trained at" elevation may show up as sea level even though most runs are at elevation.

2. GPS data is incorrect or missing. The Stryd system relies on GPS coordinates associated with your run to determine the environmental conditions of your run. If there is no GPS data, incorrect GPS points, or the GPS coordinates are recorded as latitude 0, longitude 0, the recorded temperature is incorrect. Some examples:

When running on Zwift, Zwift creates a virtual GPS map. This may cause your run to be located off the coast of Africa (you may see a blue box instead of a recognizable area). In this case, we set the temperature to 0 Celcius. Example:


3. Uploading data directly from Stryd (offline sync). If you upload data directly from the Stryd power meter with the Stryd app on your phone, there is no GPS data and the temperature will be set to 0 degrees celsius.

4. Adjusting the Race Power Calculator. If you use the Race Power Calculator in PowerCenter, the temperature of your runs is averaged. If you notice that the average temperature, humidity, and elevation are incorrect, you can adjust those "trained at" values.


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