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Race Calculator and Event Planner on mobile
Race Calculator and Event Planner on mobile
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Whether it's elevation gain, temperature, humidity, or altitude, race day conditions can be unique, challenging, and variable. Unlike other race calculators, Stryd's Race Calculator takes external conditions into consideration to provide the most accurate race predictions.

In order for the Stryd Race Calculator and Event Planner to be accurate, the Stryd system needs 30-90 days' worth of Stryd data and an accurate Critical Power. Both of these parameters can be easily achieved by adding a Stryd Training Plan to your Stryd Calendar. The Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k Stryd Training Plans will give you both 30-90 days' worth of data and an accurate Critical Power.

In the Stryd mobile app under the Summary View, you can access the Race Calculation and Event Planner.

Stryd's Race Calculator and Event Planner is intended to help you set an achievable target power or target time and to see what the possible outcome might be as your race day approaches. There are many factors that affect this calculation, and certain criteria must be met to have an accurate estimate (see the FAQ below).

Race Calculator

Currently, the Race Calculator on the Stryd app only shows race estimates for the mile, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon race distances. If you have another race distance that you would like to see an estimate for, you will need to check PowerCenter Race Power Calculator. Please note that the PowerCenter Race Power Calculator is a membership-only feature.

Event Planner

The Event Planner feature can be very helpful if you have any upcoming races or race-effort workouts.

The Stryd team has 12 popular verified race courses for a quick add. Or you can add a custom race distance.

The Event Priority will help you prioritize multiple races.

Other customization like Surface, Average Elevation, Temperature, and Humidity will help the Stryd system further customize your race plan.

If you have a very specific finishing time or race power, you can Edit the Target, or you can use the recommended race power.

Stryd’s ‘Race Calculator’ uses your previous 90 days running activity to recommend a ‘Target Power’ or ‘Target Time’ for both generic flat courses and real courses. There are many factors that go into Stryd’s calculation. There is a list of frequently asked questions.

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