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Wahoo Compatibility with Stryd
Wahoo Compatibility with Stryd


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Wahoo's sports watch, the ELEMNT RIVAL offers a great companion to Stryd.

Wahoo watches provide Stryd power and basic Stryd metrics. They do not provide Stryd Exported Workouts.

What is 'Full Compatibility' with Stryd?

Whether you're considering Stryd for power-based training and racing, or simply interested in the best pace and distance you can get, not every watch enjoys full functionality with Stryd (though we try our best). So what is full compatibility?

1) Pace and distance from Stryd with GPS enabled

This means that your watch will receive pace and distance from Stryd, while still picking up your GPS path (and showing your GPS trace post-run).

2) Native power & all of Stryd's metrics

Wahoo has 'native' support for Stryd which means you don't need to download anything special on your watch to use Stryd power. You'll simply pair Stryd and configure your screens to display real-time power, or power averaging. Wahoo will automatically collect all of Stryd's data such as includes Form Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Air Power, Cadence, Ground Time, Vertical Oscillation. You can find instructions on how to get set up here: Using the Wahoo Elemnt Rival with the Stryd power meter

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