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Common Questions for Apple Watch and Stryd
Common Questions for Apple Watch and Stryd
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My Apple Watch is not connecting to Stryd

When having any problems with your Apple Watch, it's best to try reinstalling the app on your Apple Watch.

Sometimes updates can be interrupted or negatively affected under certain situations. Let's try to minimize these risks by downloading the Stryd app again under different circumstances:

  1. Restart your iPhone and Apple Watch.

  2. Uninstall the Stryd app from the Apple Watch (leave the Stryd app installed on your phone)

  3. Install the Stryd app from the Apple Store on your watch

  4. Open up the Stryd app on your phone and go to settings > set up watch > Apple Watch to share the Bluetooth token.

Please make sure you have paired your Stryd pod to the mobile app. If you do not yet have a Stryd pod you will not be able to use the Stryd Apple Watch app.

Heart Rate data on Apple Watch Stryd app

The Apple Watch Series 2 or later can display heart rate during workouts. The Apple Watch has a built-in wrist-based HR monitor and you can also use any external Bluetooth HR monitor compatible with your watch (like Scosche Rythm24, Polar H10, etc.). Simply pair your Bluetooth HR monitor with your watch, and the HR data will automatically be transferred to the Stryd app and your data.

If you are not getting HR on your watch, check the Privacy settings on your iPhone. Open the Settings app, and go to Privacy Settings > Health > Stryd. You can also edit these permissions from the watch itself if you are using Watch OS 6.0 or later.

Here are the descriptions for each of the permissions:

  • Writing Permissions

    • Workouts - Write to Apple Health Workouts. Without this setting enabled, the other writing permissions will have no effect

    • Workout Routes - Write the GPS path recorded by the Stryd app to Apple Health workouts. You must also have GPS Path enabled and Indoor mode disabled for this to work properly.

    • Active Energy - Write Calorie data (generated by the watch) to Apple Health workouts

      • Reading permission is also required

    • Heart Rate - Write Heart Rate data (generated by the watch) to Apple Health workouts

      • Reading permission is also required

    • Walking + Running Distance - Write distance data (generated by Stryd) to Apple Health workouts

    • Weight - This is not related to the Apple Watch app, but lets the weight set in the Stryd iPhone app also update your weight in Apple Health.

  • Reading Permissions

    • Active Energy - Read Calorie data from the Apple Watch. This only enables writing Calorie data to Apple Health if writing permission is also enabled.

    • Heart Rate - Read Heart Rate data from the Apple Watch. If you just want Heart Rate to be displayed in the app and do not need any integration with Apple Health, this is the only permission you need to enable.

    • Weight - This is not related to the Apple Watch app, but lets the weight set in Apple Health also update your weight in the Stryd iPhone app. (Not recommended by Stryd)

If you want all of the above behavior, simply enable all permissions. The Stryd team, however, does not recommend enabling the permissions for weight settings.

Next, make sure the Apple watch is not using Workout Power Saving mode (which will disable HR recording). Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Select General settings, and look for Workout Power Saving mode. Make sure it is disabled.

Stryd data integrated with Apple Health (Wrong Weight Settings)

Apple Health can push incorrect weight data to your Stryd account. All Stryd running data recorded through the Apple Watch Stryd app can be transferred to Apple Health. Runs recorded with the Stryd app on your iPhone will currently NOT transfer to Apple Health.

When setting up Stryd for your first run with Apple Watch, it is important to understand your settings. This is normally a manually adjusted setting, but Stryd can also receive this data from your Apple Health account if your permissions are set up. This way, you never need to worry about the height and weight settings of your Stryd. If you have this set up unintentionally, it could result in a change of your weight to the Stryd that you did not intend.

To make sure you have your configuration set up to meet your preferences:

  1. Open your iPhone Settings.

  2. Navigate to "Privacy".

  3. Select "Health".

  4. Select "Stryd".

  5. Review what permissions you currently have enabled. If you typically monitor and actively update your weight through the Apple Health app, you can toggle "Weight" on so that your information is communicated to your Stryd pod. Please note we do not recommend toggling the weight on. If you do not actively use the weight aspect of the Apple Health app, Stryd recommends you toggle "Weight" off.

Using AirPods with the Stryd Apple Watch App

You can use AirPods when running with the Stryd Apple Watch app. It is important to start your music app first and then start the run on your Stryd Apple Watch app. We also offer an in-app music screen for the Stryd Watch app that you should use to make any changes. We do not suggest navigating away from the Stryd app on the watch during a run to change music as it is likely to pause the recording of power data in the app. If workout alerts or audio cues are enabled, these will play through your earphones and dim music or other audio for clarity of the notification

Can I use the Apple Watch and Stryd in the rain?

The Apple Watch and Stryd are both waterproof and can be used in the rain. Since the Stryd app for the Apple Watch relies on touchscreen functionality, you need to be careful when finishing your run. Once you have ended your workout (which requires force touching the screen and tapping the "end" button), be sure to dry your watch to have full control over the touchscreen so that you can properly save your run.

If you inadvertently discard the run on your Apple Watch, note that you can still import the data from Stryd with the app on your iPhone.

Where is pace and distance coming from in the Apple Watch?

Pace and distance will always come from Stryd when using the Apple Watch. You do not need to set this up like other Garmin watches.

*IMPORTANT: When running with your iPhone and Apple Watch, disable Bluetooth on your iPhone to ensure Stryd stays connected to your Apple Watch.

Why is my Apple Watch losing connection with Stryd?

Some users report issues with connectivity between Stryd and their Apple Watch. Once the watch disconnects from the foot pod, it requires the user to look at the screen in order to reconnect (Apple’s requirement). Some tips:

  1. If you run with your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time, disable Bluetooth on the phone. If not, the watch may lose connection to Stryd. This is a problem with the Apple iOS. If you must leave Bluetooth enabled on your phone, there are two workarounds:

    • Use iSmoothRun instead of the Stryd app. iSmoothRun has a special mode for running with the iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously.

    • Use a Lighting to Bluetooth adaptor so that you can disable Bluetooth on your iPhone but still use your wireless headset. ​

  2. Swap your Stryd to the opposite foot. Many runners report improved performance.

  3. Run with your watch in Airplane mode, with Bluetooth enabled (under settings in the watch, first switch to Airplane mode, then enable Bluetooth).

Can I run with my Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time?

We learned that runners that run with the Apple Watch and the iPhone at the same time can run into a few issues. This is caused by iOS, not by the Stryd app.

- Apple Watch can momentarily disconnect from Stryd

- The GPS map might have incorrect data

You can avoid these issues by disabling Bluetooth on the phone or leaving your phone at home. This is not ideal for Stryd users that use Bluetooth headphones with their phone and therefore the development team is aware of this problem and will try to address this problem in a future release.

You may want to consider the iSmoothRun app for iPhone and Apple Watch as it has a special mode for runners who have to carry their iPhone with them while running with the Apple Watch and Stryd.

How do I set up iSmoothRun with Stryd?

Some Stryd users like iSmoothRun to record their run with their Apple watch. iSmoothRun is a great option for those runners with Stryd who want to run with their iPhone and Apple watch at the same time and use the iPhone to listen to music with Bluetooth headphones when running with iPhone + AW + Bluetooth enabled on your phone.

To setup iSmoothRun correctly to take pace and distance from Stryd, follow the following steps:

  1. Select Settings. Search for Training Gear, and select Sensors

  2. Select BT Smart Sensors

  3. iSmoothRun will scan available Bluetooth devices. Select your Stryd.

  4. Leave the calibration factor set to 1.000 (unless you have a measured track to calibrate your Stryd, and know what factor to program). Enable "Distance from Stride".

  5. Exit the menu.

  6. When you start iSmoothRun on your Apple watch, you will have various options. Select "Watch+iPhone". That mode is specially designed to allow you to run with the iPhone and Apple watch at the same time (GPS data will come from the phone, but pace and distance will be from Stryd).

  7. If you find that iSmoothRun is grabbing pace and distance from GPS rather than Stryd, make sure to either switch off your GPS or select Treadmill activity.

How can I make my Apple Watch battery last longer during workouts?

There are two methods to make your Apple Watch last longer with Stryd.

  1. Disable GPS Path (from the start screen on the watch app)

  2. By default, the heart rate monitor is on constantly during workouts. This has a large impact on battery life. To disable this, go to Settings -> General -> Workout on your watch and enable Power Saving Mode

If your Apple Watch dies during your run, you can still save your data. When you open the Apple Watch app again (and you are near your phone), the run will be sent to your phone. To make sure the run uploads to PowerCenter, you need to open the Stryd iPhone app.

Apple Watch Tones, Haptics, and, Text To Voice cues are not working

If you notice that you are not receiving audio cues and Test To Voice alerts you will need to check your Apple Watch for OS settings, as these can stand in the way of the Stryd app's specific settings.

In Control Center, make sure the watch is not in Silent mode, as indicated by the highlighted red bell:


You will also need to make sure that in the Stryd app on your Apple Watch, certain settings are

  1. Open the Stryd app on your Apple Watch

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Run Profiles

  4. Select the pencil icon next to the profile to edit

  5. Here you will be able to edit and control sounds and haptics

Next, you will need to check the settings on your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. You can find this option in Settings -> Sounds and Haptics. From the Sound and Haptics menu, you can also change the volume of the tones your watch makes.


No GPS path was recorded by my Apple Watch

If you do not see your GPS path recorded in PowerCenter by your Apple Watch, then we want to verify some settings on your iPhone and in the Stryd app.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Navigate to Health - Data Access and Devices

  3. Then select Stryd

  4. Ensure that the health permissions workout and workout routes are enabled

Next, on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Navigate to Stryd

  3. Ensure that location permissions are set to either always or while in use

Note: If Stryd - “Always” or "While in use" is not an option, In the Stryd iOS app go to Calendar select the + icon in the top right corner then select Start Run, Outdoor Run. Your Stryd iOS app should connect to your Stryd pod and this should prompt you to select "While using the app" - Select while in use and now you should have location services in your Settings page.

Please confirm you are not starting an Indoor Run. As a last resort, once you have checked all the settings, simply restart your Apple Watch.

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